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Wisdom tooth removal

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In 95% of cases, wisdom tooth eruption is accompanied by operculum inflammation, damage to neighbouring teeth, a shift of the entire dental arch and even cyst formation. It can be attributed to the fact that the present-day human being does not have any space for wisdom teeth to erupt, as they are not involved in the chewing process.

Wisdom teeth are extracted to ensure dental health if there are relevant indications. This procedure is performed without pain by expert specialists at Axioma Dental Clinic.

When is wisdom tooth removal necessary?

Despite a lot of problems which arise when a wisdom tooth is erupting, there are contraindications and indications for its extraction. The indications are:

  • Pericoronitis: operculum inflammation in the wisdom tooth eruption area. At the first stage of treatment, the operculum is removed to facilitate eruption. However, if inflammation continues, the tooth has to be extracted.
  • Teeth overcrowding due to the eruption of third molars. When there is no space for their eruption, it creates grounds for bite problems in the future.
  • Caries complications: wisdom tooth pulpitis and periodontitis when it is impossible to perform proper root canal treatment.
  • Improper tooth position inside the jaw: the tooth is positioned horizontally and hidden in the bone. The wrong position of a third molar can damage the roots of the neighbouring teeth. It can cause caries on the neighbouring teeth, as it becomes difficult to remove food remnants.

Third molar removal procedure and what preparation is needed

Before extraction, the dentist will perform a thorough exam to check for possible contraindications and factors which may cause complications.

The operation is not performed in case of acute colds and exacerbation of medical conditions, taking coagulant drugs and pregnancy.

The stages of the procedure

  1. Examination and x-ray.

An x-ray image helps to assess the position of the tooth, the clinical picture, the anatomical features and status of the jaw. If there are inflammations or cysts, the dentist will see them on the image. 

  1. Anaesthesia.

The operation requires proper anaesthesia. During the examination, the dentist will find out if there are any allergies or other factors which may lead to anaesthesia-related complications.

Our clinic uses only up-to-date and high quality anaesthetics which ensure a painless operation.

  1. Dissecting and moving the mucoperiosteal flap.

To access the abnormally positioned tooth, the dentist dissects the soft tissues and the periosteum and forms access to the tooth using surgical instruments - this happens in case of a complicated dental extraction. 

If the third molar has erupted and can be accessed, preliminary manipulations are not needed, and dental extraction is performed by means of forceps or an elevator.

  1. Treating the mucosa.

After the tooth is removed, the doctor performs socket curettage and assesses the condition of the tissue in the extracted tooth socket. Then the socket is filled with bone substitutes or a hemostatic sponge and local antibiotics. After that, stitches are applied to prevent possible complications and speed up recovery.

  1. Recovery.

After a wisdom tooth extraction, the dentist prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. During the first day, a cold pack can be applied to the dissection area to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Risk-free wisdom tooth removal

You can visit Axioma Dental Clinic in Saint Petersburg to have third molars removed without complications or pain.

Our skilled specialists will study the clinical picture, draw up a treatment plan and cost the wisdom tooth removal procedure. After that, your upper or lower impacted third molar will be successfully removed.

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Dental therapist, surgeon, periodontist

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