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FlexiLigner aligners for tooth correction

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Исправление прикуса системой FlexiLigner-капы для выравнивания зубов

Tooth correction with aligners is a good alternative to cumbersome and visually noticeable braces. By using this light appliance, it is possible to correct occlusal deficiencies, align teeth in the arch and get back a beautiful smile at affordable prices for treatment.

Appliances for comfort and treatment

Dental aligners are made of an elastic but strong biopolymer, which does not cause allergic reactions. Their transparent elements fit tightly to each tooth. Bite alignment occurs gradually due to an optimal pressure applied to the dental arch. The appliance exerts pressure which moves the teeth according to the treatment plan.

Axioma Dental Clinic offers effective treatment with FlexiLigner aligners to straighten your teeth. This product, which was designed by a South American dental concern, is made of a transparent material and is perfectly safe for human use. The appliance can be removed at any time, and even a child can do it. To continue treatment, it can be placed back as easily.

Dental aligners have indisputable advantages

The appliance is practically unnoticeable and covers the entire arch with no protruding elements. It is enough to wear it for 22 hours to achieve the required treatment effect. It is advisable to remove the appliance only before eating or for hygiene. Aligners need to be replaced with new ones every 2 or 3 weeks after a mandatory visit to the orthodontist to be able to monitor treatment. The advantages of aligners include:

  • They are aesthetically attractive - the patient can smile and chat with their aligner being unnoticed by others.
  • No special care or cleaning materials are required.
  • Simple hygiene - it is possible to use a toothbrush and dental floss during treatment.
  • No metal archwires, sharp elements or rough edges - the appliance is non-traumatic, does not rub the gum or cause irritation, and does not damage the bone.
  • During therapy, whitening and remineralization procedures may be performed by simply filling the appliance with a special gel.
  • No abrasive effect on enamel.
  • No risk of damaging surrounding tissues.
  • The biopolimer used in the manufacture of FlexiLigner does not promote caries.
  • Quick treatment effect.
  • It does not promote excessive salivation.

These transparent appliances are convenient to wear. They fit tightly to the teeth and create no interference. There is no painful pressure, which is a common cause of people abandoning treatment prematurely.

Indications for use

Aligners are used in the following cases:

  • Malocclusion: cross, deep or mesial.
  • Tremas and diastemas - distinct gaps have appeared between front teeth.
  • Narrow or wide arch.
  • Torsion.
  • Other problems.

The patient adjusts to the appliance quickly and feels natural after a few days of wearing it.

Characteristics of treatment

There are a few things that the patient should consider during their bite correction treatment:

  • There could be a slight feeling of discomfort from changes in diction at the beginning of treatment, which will disappear after two weeks at the latest.
  • Before attaching the appliance, it is necessary to clean your teeth and rinse the mouth cavity to wash away food remnants. 
  • You cannot remove the appliance prematurely before the time set by the orthodontist. Try to avoid losing the appliance or wearing it in the wrong way, as these may increase the bite correction time and make the result worse than expected.
Исправление прикуса системой FlexiLigner-капы для выравнивания зубов

The risk that the teeth will return to their initial position after a course of treatment with FleciLigner biopolymer aligners is over will be reduced if special retentive devices are used. The final couple of aligners are applied as an effective device.

Professional orthodontists working at Axioma Dental Clinic will help you to choose the most effective bite treatment option and get rid of other related problems taking into account your individual characteristics. 

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