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Ceramic build-ups

A lovely smile is an important success factor. You can get ceramic crowns, veneers and build-ups in Saint Petersburg at Axioma Dental Clinic. Our doctors offer various methods of eliminating smile irregularities: aesthetic restoration, bite correction, veneers, ceramic crowns and build-ups. After a thorough examination and based on the clinical picture and expectations of the patient, the dentist will select a treatment option to achieve healthy teeth and a Hollywood smile.

Керамические коронки, виниры, вкладки

Ceramic crowns: characteristics and special features

Ceramic crowns are one-piece ceramic orthopaedic structures. They are also referred to as metal-free, as they do not have a metal substructure. These items are placed if it is necessary to restore the aesthetic appearance, anatomical shape and dental function at the same time. Indications to their placement include a significant tooth decay, presence of large-scale restorations, and chipped teeth as a result of injuries.

The material imitates natural tissues and enamel opacity, so the crowns look beautiful and natural in the mouth. 

Metal-free structures are mostly placed in the smile zone, where a good aesthetic appearance plays an important role, and chewing pressure is not high. These items have a long service life and cause no complications, given proper care.

Керамические коронки, виниры, вкладки-2

Having its own dental laboratory, Axioma Dental Clinic can manufacture crowns quickly and painlessly, using up-to-date CAD/CAM computer technologies.

The required parameters are set on the basis of digital impressions. After that, the crown is milled on a milling machine with high precision unaffected by human error or any other adverse factors.

Benefits of attaching dental veneers

Veneers are thin plates which are placed on the front dental surface in the smile zone. Despite their size, they are able to correct the colour and shape of teeth, excel at dealing with dental discoloration and can hide tremas, diastemas, tilted teeth and slight displacement.

The main indications for veneers are a changed colour of teeth, large fillings, dental hypoplasia, fluorosis, dental erosion and pigmentation. 

Керамические коронки, виниры, вкладки-3

At our clinic, we use different veneer fabrication methods: direct and indirect. In terms of the material used, veneers can be composite and ceramic. 

Ceramic veneers are made in our dental lab after filing the teeth and taking impressions. These structures have a higher strength and better quality and look natural due to the physical properties of ceramics. 

We also place temporary structures to ensure patients’ comfort. Their main task is to offset high sensitivity of teeth and maintain aesthetics until permanent structures are placed.

Dental veneers have the following advantages:

  • excellent appearance;
  • high strength with regard to loads;
  • secure fixation;
  • a long service life: ceramic veneers will last for over 10-15 years;
  • painless treatment;
  • simple hygiene.

Composite veneers have a shorter service life, worse properties and a lower cost than ceramic ones.

Restoring decayed teeth with build-ups.

A build-up restoration is a reliable method of regaining tooth functionality. A build-up is an individual mini-prosthesis made of ceramics.

Build-ups are used in case of large-scale dental defects resulting from caries, a wedge-shaped defect, etc. There are strict requirements regarding their manufacture, which should be adhered to, or the tooth will continue to decay.

There are 2 types of buildups: core and crown. A crown build-up is used to restore the anatomical shape of a tooth and the chewing function. A core build-up is fixed into the root and provides a support for orthopaedic structures. Using build-ups, it is possible to restore a tooth with only the root present.

Restorative crown build-ups are aesthetic structures. They are produced using two methods: in our dental laboratory or in our clinic using a CAD/CAM technology and E.MAX ceramics. 

You can have crowns, veneers and build-ups placed virtually at every clinic in Saint Petersburg. It is important to be thorough when choosing a dental clinic, as they are expensive products with a sophisticated production process. Axioma Dental performs all services at a high quality, professional level. You are welcome to make an appointment or an enquiry by phone or visit our dental office.

Tell about us:

Service prices

Specialist consultation 500р. Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р. Tooth root inlay Co-Cr 6500р. Tooth root inlay, zirconium dioxide, ceramic 18 000р. Titanium abutment (used to connect the implant and the crown) 15 000р. Zirconia or ceramic abutment 25 000р. Ceramic crown, Standard veneer 33 000р. Unique crown, veneer 47 000р. Ceramic buildup (inlay, onlay, overlay) 28 000р. Temporary All-on-4 prosthesis 75 000р. Permanent All-on-4 prosthesis 17 0000р. Metal-ceramic crown based on Co-Cr 23 000р. Zirconium dioxide crowns 35 000р Частичный съемный протез до 3 зубов 22000р. Частичный съемный протез до 13 зубов 27000р. Полный съемный протез 35000р. Бюгельный протез кламмерный 44000р. Бюгельный протез с микрозамковыми креплениями 59400р. Частичный T-Crystall, Acry-free 49500р. Протез All-on-4 временный 75000р. Протез All-on-4 постоянный 170000р. Протез с балочным креплением (до 4 имплантатов) 137500р. Иммедиат-протез (1-2-ед замещения) 16500р. Накусочная пластинка 7000р. Литой опорно-удерживающий кламмер 4000р. Микрозамковое крепление в бюгельном протезе 5000р. Армирование съемного протеза 6500р. Починка, приварка зуба, перебазировка перенос кламмера, замена матрицы 4000р. Каппа с замещением отсутствующего зуба иммедиат 6000р.
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Marina Vladimirovna Amiridi
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Marina Vladimirovna Amiridi

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