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Simple permanent tooth extraction

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Simple permanent tooth extraction is performed at the clinic to remove single-root, loose or damaged elements of the dental arch if they cannot be treated conservatively. The procedure does not require any special techniques or sophisticated surgical instruments. It can be performed if the crown is adequately visible and can be tightly gripped by forceps. This operation is not considered to be difficult or long, and can be carried out under light anaesthesia.


Reasons for extraction

Permanent tooth extraction is required in the following clinical situations:

  • Cracked roots.
  • Significant mobility: periodontal diseases or other reasons.
  • Inflammatory process in adjacent tissues or sinuses.
  • Diagnosed cyst.
  • Simple tooth extractions is needed if the crown is severely decayed when restoration is impossible and prostheses are contraindicated.
  • Canal obstruction.
  • Inflammation has occurred when the tooth is covered with gum tissue and cannot fully erupt.
  • An abnormal anatomical position of teeth, which traumatize the tongue and mucosa, and do not allow the bite to form correctly.

Simple permanent tooth extraction can be performed as a scheduled procedure. An emergency procedure may be necessary if the patient is rapidly developing health threatening conditions:

Periostitis, osteomyelitis: acute suppurative inflammation which can cause jaw tissue infection;


Phlegmon: infected soft tissues posing a risk of blood poisoning;

Sinusitis: odontogenic maxillary sinus inflammation;

 Crown fracture.

Indications for scheduling a permanent tooth extraction procedure include unsuccessful conservative treatment of chronic inflammation, periodontitis and severe crown decay.


Prior to the procedure, the dentist will refer the patient to X-ray examination to assess the clinical picture, the number of roots and the direction of growth. Simple wisdom tooth extraction is possible if the doctor can firmly grip the crown, which is not covered with tissue, has fully erupted and has a normal root anatomy. Extracting an impacted tooth is more time-consuming and complicated, requiring the use of special instruments to dissect the gum and raise a gum flap.

The stages of the procedure:

  • Anaesthesia.
  • Placing the right type of forceps on the crown and moving the instrument gently under the gum.
  • Clamping the forceps moderately.
  • Rocking and rotating the tooth gently. Th aim is to disrupt the ligaments that hold the root in place.
  • Extraction.
  • Suturing if necessary.

A simple procedure of permanent or milk tooth extraction lasts for 10 to 20 minutes.

Possible complications

Extraction may cause the following:

  • High temperature: it is a reason to worry if it persists for more than three days after the procedure, as it indicates an associated infection.
  • Alveolar osteitis: inflammation of the socket tissue, which becomes dry and devoid of a natural blood clot that contributes to quick healing. It results in pain, an unpleasant smell from the mouth and possible swelling.
  • Bleeding.
  • Sinus floor perforation as a result of pushing the roots forcefully.
  • Luxation, fracture of the jaw or neighbouring teeth.
  • Nerve injury: the tongue goes numb, creeping sensations on the lips, chin and cheeks.
  • Jaw osteomyelitis: it is an inflammatory suppurative process in the bone tissue. The symptoms are: weakness, pain, fever, a purulent fistula on the gum.

To avoid complications, follow the dentist’s advice, do not expose the extraction site to traumatic impacts and perform daily oral hygiene. Take medication as prescribed and make follow-up visits to the dentist as scheduled.

Axioma Dental Clinic would like to invite you to a consultation and a simple tooth extraction procedure without pain. We have qualified surgeons who will use up-to-date equipment to help you avoid dangerous health conditions.

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