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Уважаемые пациенты! Мы не работаем
1 и 9 мая. Но мы доступны по телефону +7 (921) 401-99-66.

Computed tomography (CT, 3D diagnostics)

Treatment under a microscope
In-house dental laboratoryя
In-house visiograph and orthopantomograph (Sirona)
We are located in the centre of Saint Petersburg

Service prices

Specialist consultation 900р.
Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р.
Диагностика заболеваний полости рта
Составление нескольких планов лечения
Spot-film intraoral X-ray 700р.
Orthopantomography 1500р.
CT scan of both jaws 3300р.
СT scan of one jaw 1800р.
Computer tomography of one segment or two or three teeth 2000р.
TMJ CT scan (one joint) 1300р.

3D diagnostics in dentistry

Computer Tomography (CT, 3D diagnostics) is currently a standard examination in different areas of dentistry.

Only by using 3DCT can we accurately determine the anatomy of tooth root canals, which is quite impossible to obtain in a standard two-dimensional X-ray examination. 3D tomography is also the only objective tool to control root canal filling. The same is true for repeat endodontics in case of previously conducted treatment - we may have to be able to extract tool fragments, which is impossible to do without a microscope and CT diagnostics.

Компьютерная Томография (КТ, 3D диагностика)

In surgical dentistry, CT is of great help in determining how close the tooth roots that need to be removed are located to such important structures as the maxillary (Highmore’s) sinus and mandibular nerve (the latter is essential when lower impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed).

When it comes to implant surgery, no experienced surgeon will agree to place implants without doing at least preliminary 3D diagnostics. A lot can be found from a jaw CT scan - bone tissue density, inflammatory processes in the sinuses and bone tissue, the location of the adjacent tooth roots and the mandibular canal, the thickness and height of the bone in the planned intervention site. The treatment strategy will depend on all this information. It is at this stage that we decide whether osteoplasty is necessary (and select its type) and determine the length and diameter of implants.

It is impossible to make a surgical guide without combining a mouth cavity scan with an image obtained through computer tomography.

TMJ (temporamandibular joint) diagnostics is necessary in orthodontics and prosthetics.

At Axioma Dental Clinic, we are pleased to offer our patients a full range of dental diagnostics, including Computer Tomography on a Vatech machine.

The following examination options are available:

5x5 images ensure diagnostics with minimal X-ray exposure. These images have the high resolution needed in endodontics to diagnose root canals, especially for understanding atypical root canal configurations, e.g. S-shaped canals, which are difficult to see on a traditional panoramic or intraoral image.

8x8 images provide exhaustive information for the analysis and planning of a surgical procedure in the area of the upper or lower jaw with only one scanning operation. This area is useful not only for implant placement planning, but also for the right or left TMJ diagnostics.

12х10 images give the most complete information for dental diagnostics. They cover both the lower and the upper jaw, including the third molar area and the mandibular ramus in a single scanning operation. This area is suitable for most maxillofacial surgery purposes, as well as for basal implantation.

If necessary, it is possible to obtain images of the nasal passage.

Panoramic images (orthopantomograms) - 9 programs (standard panoramic image, interproximal (Bitewing) image visualizing certain elements of the jaw with lower radiation exposure than in the standard mode, interproximal image (Bitewing) - left / front / right projections, orthogonal / standard, lateral and posterior anterior TMJ projections, sinuses - anteroposterior and lateral projections (sinus).

Our machine is also equipped with a cephalostat, which makes it possible to conduct cephalometric examinations. There are 5 programs: Lateral projection (LATERAL), Posterior anterior projection (PA), Submentovertex projection (SMV), Waters’ projection (WatersView) and Carpus.

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