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About the clinic

Axioma Dental Clinic was set up in November 2011 by professional dentists who had been working in that area for over 19 years. Since the very beginning of the clinic’s operation, we have opted for effective and high-quality treatment

Our licenses and certificates

The mission of our centre as we see it is to offer our patients a full range of complex top-end dental services in strict compliance with sanitary, epidemiological and legal requirements for medical appointments.

We provide a full range of dental services:

We use state-of-the-art and highly effective medical equipment from Sirona (produced in Germany) and modern dental materials (Germany, the USA and Japan).

We perform dental panoramic radiography of the mouth cavity and dental X-rays. This allows obtaining accurate information about the condition of the mouth cavity, making a diagnosis and planning medical treatment.

Our own dental technical lab

Using top-notch technology, the lab ensures that various orthopaedic operations are conducted with pinpoint precision.

The best materials and professional dental practitioners are at your service in the central district of Saint Petersburg.

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