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Ceramic crowns

Placing ceramic crowns is a good quality and aesthetic dental procedure available at a dental clinic. Ceramic crowns refer to modern structures which have excellent properties and are capable of restoring missing teeth in full. These items work particularly well in front teeth prosthetics, including implant rehabilitation in the frontal area of the jaw. Porcelain ceramics looks very attractive and lets light through, which is why it restores the colour, shape and structure of the teeth to the highest possible degree.

Керамические коронки

Керамические коронки-2


A traditional ceramic dental crown is made of a single piece of material using an innovative CAD/CAM technique. Other aesthetic structures, such as veneers, lumineers and inlays, are made using the same method. By applying a special technology, a milling machine shapes the required structure very accurately.

Ceramic crowns can be single (consisting of 1 unit) or look like a set of teeth (a number of units soldered together). A single crown is inserted in case of a dental shape irregularity or discoloration defect, dental defects, tissue decay, caries, wedge-shaped defects, erosion and other dental conditions. A porcelain item placed on an implant will make a good quality structure, which will look great and will be convenient to use.

There are a few types of orthopaedic structures which contain ceramics: metal ceramic crowns, completely ceramic crowns or zirconium dioxide ceramic crowns. Porcelain is noted for its aesthetics, but it does not always withstand significant chewing pressure, especially in the posterior areas of the jaw. That is why dentists perform prosthetics using structures with a strong substructure (metal or zirconium dioxide) and a good-looking ceramic lining. Zirconium dioxide crowns are known to be the most advanced and high-quality in dentistry.

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Fabrication and placement

Crown are made using up-to-date computer technology.


  • Patient consultation and examination.
  • Diagnosing diseases, radiography.
  • Selecting a prosthetics method.
  • Preparing and filing abutment teeth.
  • Scanning the relevant jaw section with an intraoral camera.
  • Transferring data to a computer.
  • Reproducing the clinical situation and simulating the intended structure using special software.
  • Making the structure on a milling machine.
  • The finished structure is fitted in the oral cavity and fixed with permanent cement.
  • The patient is given prescriptions, advice and guidelines regrading care.


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The advantages of porcelain crowns are:

  • Good aesthetics, a smile with a natural appearance due to the excellent properties of the material. 
  • Resumption of proper function.
  • Protecting the tooth from further decay.
  • Sufficient strength and resilience.
  • A wide choice of shades.
  • Simple and painless treatment.
  • The prosthetic procedure takes place in one visit to the doctor, as it takes only a couple of hours to fabricate the item.
  • No colour deterioration or pigment saturation with time. 
  • Long service life.
  • Simple hygiene.

The disadvantage of the material is its fragility, for which reason it is not used in the posterior areas of the jaw with high chewing pressure and in case of severe dental arch defects. Secondly, the price of a ceramic crown is relatively high, but quite justified.

Service life

The items are noted for their long service life, which can last over 10-15 years, given proper prosthetics and care. It can be shorter in case of improper hygiene, bad habits, incorrect prosthetics and failure to have dental diseases treated in due time.

Rules of care

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The structures require only simple care without any special means. To ensure a long service life and reduce the risk of complications, teeth cleaning should be done twice a day: in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before going to bed. It is necessary to use dental floss and an oral irrigator to clean interdental spaces. During the hygienic procedure, pat attention to the neck area of the crown where it connects to the gum. Visit the dentist twice a year for timely treatment, prophylaxis and professional cleaning.

The price of ceramic crowns depends on the materials used and the competence level of the dentist and the clinic. We recommend choosing a dental clinic carefully so as to avoid complications. Axioma Dental performs all services with a high level of proficiency and competence. We have our own German-made Zirkonzahn milling centre.

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Service prices

Specialist consultation 500р. Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р. Tooth root inlay Co-Cr 6500р. Tooth root inlay, zirconium dioxide, ceramic 18 000р. Titanium abutment (used to connect the implant and the crown) 15 000р. Zirconia or ceramic abutment 25 000р. Ceramic crown, Standard veneer 33 000р. Unique crown, veneer 47 000р. Ceramic buildup (inlay, onlay, overlay) 28 000р. Temporary All-on-4 prosthesis 75 000р. Permanent All-on-4 prosthesis 17 0000р. Metal-ceramic crown based on Co-Cr 23 000р. Zirconium dioxide crowns 35 000р Частичный съемный протез до 3 зубов 22000р. Частичный съемный протез до 13 зубов 27000р. Полный съемный протез 35000р. Бюгельный протез кламмерный 44000р. Бюгельный протез с микрозамковыми креплениями 59400р. Частичный T-Crystall, Acry-free 49500р. Протез All-on-4 временный 75000р. Протез All-on-4 постоянный 170000р. Протез с балочным креплением (до 4 имплантатов) 137500р. Иммедиат-протез (1-2-ед замещения) 16500р. Накусочная пластинка 7000р. Литой опорно-удерживающий кламмер 4000р. Микрозамковое крепление в бюгельном протезе 5000р. Армирование съемного протеза 6500р. Починка, приварка зуба, перебазировка перенос кламмера, замена матрицы 4000р. Каппа с замещением отсутствующего зуба иммедиат 6000р.
Medical expert:
Leonid Yakovlevich Kusevitsky
Orhtopaedic dentist, Dr. habil. in Medicine

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Leonid Yakovlevich Kusevitsky

Orhtopaedic dentist, Dr. habil. in Medicine
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