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Athletic mouthguard

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Contact sports put people in danger, and the maxillofacial area often suffers, i.e the lower face and oral tissues, as well as the teeth. It is highly unlikely to stay completely safe from injuries, but getting yourself reliably protected is quite possible by wearing a mouthguard.

What is a sport mouthguard and how to choose one?

A mouthguard is a plastic appliance designed to protect against different kinds of injuries in contact sports. Its purpose is to shield lips and soft cheek tissues from wounds and safeguard against concussions and fractures in the upper and lower jaws. It protects teeth reliably against dislocations and chipping. Mouthguards should be worn when engaging in boxing, ice hockey and other strength and contact sports.

There are three types of mouthguards, with each having its own special features, pluses and minuses.

Conventional mouthguards

They come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The main benefit is their low cost. As for minuses, there are a lot of them: low protection, affecting diction, might cause a gag reflex and make it difficult to breathe.

Thermoplastic mouthguards

They need to be softened in water prior to use. When placed in the mouth, the mouthguard assumes the shape of the dental arch and does not bother, but it has a low level of protection and wears off quickly.

Tailor-made mouthguards

This is the most reliable, albeit expensive, option. The cost, however, is more than justified by its vivid benefits:

  • Perfect fit;
  • High protection;
  • Does not affect breathing or speaking, no gag reflex;
  • Is made of a hypoallergenic material based on individual impressions with account for anatomical and physiological features and age;
  • It is possible to get one with a unique design, engrave emblems and ensigns and choose a colour;
  • While wearing them, it is possible to drink without removing them.

Where to buy a mouthguard

Sport mouthguards are available in sport stores. However, tailor-made protectors can be obtained only from a dental clinic. At an appointment, a doctor will take impressions which will be used for the manufacture of a protective device, taking into account the exact position of your teeth and lip frenula. The impressions are then sent to a dental lab, where a mouthguard will be manufactured using different techniques, e.g. pressure lamination. After checking the fit, the doctor will tell you how to look after your mouthguard properly to prolong its life. 

Taking care of custom-made sport mouthguards

It is not difficult to look after these protective devices. Doctors recommend that they are stored in special containers and soaked in special disinfecting solutions once in a few days.

The mouthguard surface should be cleaned daily from plaque using a brush and rinsing it under running water.

The advantages of Axioma Dental Clinic

  1. Our own dental lab, i.e. less time is needed to fabricate a custom made mouthguard.
  2. Using digital technologies to create a mouthguard model, which rules out human error in manufacturing.
  3. Doctors with extensive experience, who consider every minute detail in the maxillofacial area.
  4. The clinic is located in the central district of Saint Petersburg and has convenient opening hours.
  5. It is possible to imprint personal data, logos and ensigns, and choose a colour for the mouthguard.

Frequently asked questions

It it possible to get a mouthguard for a kid?

At our dental clinic, we manufacture mouthguards for both adults and kids. As for kid’s mouthguards, there are a lot of thing to take into account. After a consultation and impression taking, a doctor will assess the points and directions of the jaw growth considering the age and bite status, which will be reflected in the model and mouthguard manufacture.

How long does a mouthguard last?

Its longevity depends on what kind it is and how old the wearer is. Thermoplastic and conventional protectors are considered to be the least durable. Custom-made mouthguards will last for about 3 years for adults and a little less for kids, though the key factor here is the jaw growth rather than material wear.

Why are custom-made mouthguards important?

The role of mouthguard may not be overestimated since wearing them reduces the risk of getting an injury. According to researchers, who studied over one million athletes in Australia, people who had refused to wear a mouthguard three times more often sustained dental injuries, jaw fractures, concussions and more serious injuries. 

How much do custom-made mouthguards cost?

This is the most expensive but the most reliable way to protect the maxillofacial area from injury. The cost of mouthguards at our clinic is the same as the going market rate. You can find out all the details at a face-to-face consultation.

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