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All-on-4 prosthetics: dental implants on all teeth in one visit to the clinic

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What is the All-on-4 technique and who is a good candidate for it?

The All-on-4 implantation technique can be used in case of all teeth missing in the arch.The technology makes it possible to integrate 4 implants, which will act as supports for a fixed prosthesis.

Dental prosthetics on 4 implants will save time and money for the patient and allow performing a successful surgery when bone grafting is impossible.

Advantages of the system

  • The procedure is less expensive than other fixed prosthetic techniques.
  • There is no need to resort to traumatic bone grafting and expensive sinus lift procedures.
  • There is no period of time when an inconvenient removable prosthesis needs to be worn or when there are no teeth at all.
  • Restoring lost tissue volumes, the height of the lower face and lip fullness.
  • Placing 4 implants is less traumatic than integrating an implant to replace each missing tooth.

How is an implant procedure performed?

Planning stage

A doctor at Axioma Dental Clinic will study the scope of work, examine the condition of teeth if they are present, the soft tissue and the bone, as well as the removable prosthesis (if the patient uses one) to decide if it can be used as a temporary one.

Then, after analyzing CT images and jaw models, modeling the implant prosthetic process begins. If necessary, a teeth and jaw 3D model and a surgical guide are created.

Ситуация перед лечением

Implant placement

Teeth affected by periodontitis or other lesions which cannot be treated are extracted on the day of the surgery. Then, an implant specialist will perform a surgery to insert 4 prosthetic implants.

The implants are fitted with multi-unit abutments with a screw fixation and screwed into the bone. A small incision is made in the gum or it is punctured with a special tool to reduce tissue damage. The procedure has a high level of precision due to the use of surgical guides.


The prosthetic procedure occurs on the same day. When dental technicians have fabricated a temporary prosthesis, the attending doctor will place it. Taking an accurate impression minimizes the feeling of discomfort experienced by the patient when wearing the structure.

Имплантаты с временным протезом

The procedure lasts for about 3 hours. There is no pain, as safe anaesthesia is applied.

Placing a permanent prosthesis

The patient returns to normal life without any restrictions or a rehabilitation period. It takes from 2 to 6 months for the implants to fully integrate. After this time, a permanent prosthesis is placed.

Why is it worth opting for fixed prostheses on 4 implants to restore a dental arch at Axioma Dental?

  • Aesthetics: an artificial arch looks absolutely the same as natural teeth.
  • Comfort: it is possible to start eating using new teeth after 12 hours of the procedure.
  • Minimum pain: using safe anaesthesia.
  • Restoration of the chewing function, aesthetics and normal pronunciation right after the surgery.

The cost of prosthetics is an additional advantage. The price of a temporary prosthesis is 75 thousand roubles, and a permanent prosthesis costs 150 thousand roubles. The cost of 4 implants is paid extra. Patients may choose not to have a temporary prosthesis.

New technologies, high-precision equipment, best specialists, comfortable treatment conditions and a guaranteed result.

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