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Canal treatment

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Service prices

Specialist consultation 900р.
Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р.
Диагностика заболеваний полости рта
Составление нескольких планов лечения
One-canal tooth pulpitis treatment (2 visits) от 13 000р.
Использование изоляции коффердам
Механическая обработка кариозной полости
Удаление пульпы
Механическое расширение канала
Медикаментозная обработка канала
Ультразвуковая обработка канала
Временная пломбировка препаратом Calasept
Внутриротовые прицельные снимки этапов лечения
Постоянная пломбировка каналов с использованием горячей гуттаперчи
*Стоимость лечения может меняться в зависимости от сложности строения каналов и клинической ситуации
Two-canal tooth pulpitis treatment (2 visits) от 15 200 р.
Three-canal tooth pulpitis treatment (2 visits) от 19 200 р.
Four-canal tooth pulpitis treatment (2 visits) от 23 500 р.
One-canal tooth periodontitis treatment (2 visits) от 15 500р.
Использование изоляции коффердам
Распломбировка канала
Механическая обработка канала
Медикаментозная обработка канала
Ультразвуковая обработка канала
Временная пломбировка антимикробным препаратом
Внутриротовые прицельные снимки этапов лечения
Постоянная пломбировка каналов с использованием горячей гуттаперчи
Two-canal tooth periodontitis treatment (2 visits) от 17 200р.

Root canal treatment is eliminating inflammation in the internal areas of a tooth where pulp and dentine are located. The disease can be attributed to infection caused by advanced caries. The root opening is a cavity which is penetrated with blood vessels and nerve endings. It is a complex system of canals where cavities intersect, merge and branch out, and there can be a number of them. Their treatment is called endodontics.

Что такое зубной канал

When is it necessary to have a root canal treated?

Due to modern root canal treatment techniques, it is possible to preserve tooth integrity and avoid extraction. The procedure requires the dentist to have high qualifications.


  • Pulpitis: acute nerve inflammation.
  • Cysts and granulomas: they emerge near the root and provoke inflammations.
  • Necrotic processes in the root area: changes in the structure of the surrounding tissues and their death.
  • Periodontitis: root canal treatment is necessary in case of tissue inflammation around the root.
  • Caries promoting infection.

The procedure is required if it is necessary to fix a tooth before placing a crown or bridge prosthesis. If the problem is not attended to, the consequences may be bad headache, discharge of pus, irreversible tooth decay and other diseases of the organism.

How treatment is performed

Dental root canal treatment is divided into several stages:

  • Diagnostics: analyzing the number and length of canal branches.
  • Anaesthetizing the patient: to remove sensitivity and reduce painful sensations during the procedure, an anaesthetic is injected into the soft tissues in the affected tooth area. 
  • Disinfecting the area located near the infected canal to eliminate the risk of infection of adjacent tissues with purulent discharge and bacteria. A special plate is used, which surrounds the tooth foundation on all sides. 
  • Access to the cavity: using a dental drill.
  • Removing the inflamed and infected pulp and dead tissues from the canal with a dental file.
  • Medication treatment of the affected area: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial drugs are introduced into the opening.
  • Canal filling: temporary or permanent, using different compositions.
  • Removing the temporary filling and placing a permanent one.

The duration and cost of treatment depend on the clinical picture and the number of affected zones. After the procedure, the dentist analyzes the outcome looking at how far the canal was filled with the filler material under the microscope or on an X-ray image. If any problems are found, corrective steps are taken. The final stage is crown restoration.

Что такое зубной канал

The cost of services

The price depends on the clinical picture and filling materials. The more canals there are in the tooth, the higher the amount will be. The type of damage is also of influence, since different treatment techniques and drugs will be used.

The number of visits to the doctor depends on how complicated the case is.


Endodontic treatment is not prescribed in the following cases:

  • Canal narrowing.
  • Root inflammation.
  • Perforation of the tooth cavity floor.
  • Root fracture in the vertical plane.
  • The crown is impossible to restore.
  • Gross lesions in the periodontium.
  • Severe decay of the alveolar ridge tissue.

Axioma Dental Clinic would like to invite patients to undergo treatment using effective and safe techniques. Professional dental hygiene can prevent inflammation.

Doctors in this area

Lina Victorovna Makanina


15 years
Dental therapist

Tatyana Leonidovna Aleshkova


12 years
Dental therapist, surgeon, periodontist

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