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Dental treatment under a microscope

Treatment under a microscope
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Dental treatment under the microscope is an innovative technique which allows performing the most complex procedures and making accurate diagnoses. Ultrasensitive optical devices excel in providing details and magnifying the operating field. Multifunctional equipment reduces the risk of error to a minimum and allows avoiding complications.

Characteristics of treatment under the microscope

Лечение зубов под микроскопом

Dental treatment under the microscope allows a dentist to see the tooth line and specific features without hot spots or distortion with 10-15x magnification.

Dental microscopes are used in the following situations:

  • When examining the mouth cavity, it is possible to identify hidden caries between teeth, caries formed under old restorative structures, dental microcracks and gum inflammation.
  • When preparing teeth for veneers and crowns, it is possible to preserve healthy dental tissues as much as possible and assess the fit of restorative or orthopaedic structures.
  • In surgical dentistry, microscopes are used to assist in performing soft tissue plasty at all implantation stages and osteoplasty, as well as extracting broken screws from implants.
  • However, the main and most common application of dental microscopes is root canal treatment. Now, it is possible for an endodontist to locate and treat even the most curved canals, extract instrument fragments and close perforation holes resulting from excessive treatment of root canals.

Using a microscope in root canal treatment reduces extraction of complicated teeth to a minimum.

Microscopic treatment procedure

Лечение зубов под микроскопом

The optical device is connected to a camcorder and a display showing every movement of the dentist. Important details are photographed to create an accurate clinical picture and for review. The patient can observe the course of the operation.

Capabilities of modern equipment:

  • Accurate detection of the canal entry point. Earlier, dentists had to work practically blindly, using only radiographic images; 
  • Preserving the maximum amount of healthy tissues. Due to magnification, it is possible to evaluate the depth and location of lesions and leave healthy areas untouched;
  • Identifying extra canals. This guarantees that infection will not go unnoticed, the bacterial lesion will be eliminated in the cavity, so the tooth can be preserved;
  • Obtaining the best view and removing broken instruments from root canals during retreatment, as well as closing perforations;
  • Checking the fit of aesthetic restorations and orthopaedic structures.

The doctor and their assistant can permanently monitor the course of treatment by getting a perfect view and good lighting without hot spots.

Лечение зубов под микроскопом

Advantages of microscopic treatment

  1. Ability to treat complicated clinical cases.
  2. Timely prevention of complications.
  3. Accurate placement of filling materials.
  4. Minimally traumatic surgery.
  5. No contraindications for the application of optical devices.
  6. Removal and treatment of affected tissues only.
  7. Proper treatment of all canals considering their length, direction and shape - no risk of repeat infection.
  8. Patient engagement: visualization helps the patient to overcome fear and trust the doctor more.

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