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Our mission

Axioma Dental is a dental clinic which provides efficient dental treatment and helps patients to restore a beautiful healthy smile. Our clinic aims to provide quick, good-quality and safe treatment in an environment which makes patients feel comfortable both physically and psychologically. This is accurate diagnostics, remedying unsuccessful treatment outcomes and correction of complicated anomalies and defects.

The values of the clinic

The mission of the clinic is to create a cosy atmosphere, where patients will engage in a sophisticated process and be able to trust their doctors. We do not foist our services, nor do we offer unneeded drugs or extra non-diagnostic tests.

This is how we meet our clinic’s targets:

  • A large number of highly-qualified medical staff.
  • Up-to-date equipment: a visiograph and an orthpantomograph, safe for adults and kids. They guarantee accurate diagnostics, no risk of radiation exposure, images ready within a few seconds.
  • In-house dental lab: manufacturing crowns and bridgework structures.
  • Microscopic dentistry: the technology is error-free and allows preserving even ‘hopeless’ teeth.

Our doctors do their best to stay on top of the most challenging tasks and emphasize the importance of each patient. Entrusting us with your health, you are guaranteed to receive a superb service and will be able to undergo all tests, treatment, implantation and prosthetic procedures in one clinic.

No case is low-priority to us and there are no routinely applied solutions. Our aim is not only to cure patients, but also to provide rehabilitation, follow-up and post-treatment support.

Our clients’ reviews are the best proof of our results.

We will help you to restore and preserve the beauty of your teeth!