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Tooth extraction

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Tooth extraction offered at the clinic is a safe and painless solution in case of complicated dental situations, when it is impossible to preserve damaged teeth.

The essence of the procedure

Extracting a damaged or decayed permanent tooth is a last resort if there are no other ways of treatment or restoration. The doctor will perform an examination and explore the possibility to preserve the tooth. The operative site is visualized by means of an X-ray image and CT.

The root is extracted as quickly as possible and non-traumatically, and the wound is treated thoroughly.

Tooth extraction is a safe procedure if it is performed by a qualified dentist. If the problem is left unattended, it may cause severe oral infections.

Indications for tooth extraction

Удаление зубов

Tooth extraction can be performed painlessly and without any risk of infection at a specialized clinic. Depending on the state of the patient, this can be a scheduled or emergency procedure. A complicated tooth extraction procedure is when a wisdom tooth is damaging mucosa, growing outside the arch. The procedure is indicated if the tooth hasn’t erupted or is located abnormally.

Tooth extraction is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Mobile teeth when splinting is impossible; the cost will depend on the number and the complexity of the clinical picture.
  • Severely or completely decayed teeth which cannot be restored.
  • Severely curved or impassable canals - there are signs of peri-radicular inflammation. 
  • Teeth interfering with a correct occlusion and affecting aesthetics.
  • Severe inflammation with a potential risk of a bone infection.
  • Injuries: a transverse or longitudinal fracture.
  • Intense pain when conservative treatment is impossible.
  • Damaged teeth have provoked sinus inflammation or caused other conditions in the organism.

Infection which spreads from an unhealthy root can lead to osteomyelitis and other complications. In this case, the price of tooth extraction will be higher, as the procedure will be complicated and treatment will take a long time.

Stages of the procedure

Удаление зубов

Surgical intervention will last for 15-40 minutes depending on the clinical picture.


  • Examination by the dentist, reviewing the past medical history.
  • Administering an anaesthetic. 
  • Applying an antiseptic to the site.
  • Loosening ligaments fixing the affected tooth.
  • Separating the gum from the crown or dissecting the gum in case of a complicated clinical picture.
  • Splitting the roots using a special surgical bur.
  • Tooth removal using professional instruments with minimum trauma to the patient.
  • Checking the socket: it is cleaned from chips and atrophied tissues.
  • Applying a hemostatic composition, which also acts as an antiseptic.
  • Inserting an artificial root: this will prevent healthy teeth from shifting, restore the chewing function and aesthetics, and prevent bone tissue atrophy.

After the surgery, the dentist will give advice to the patient and prescribe necessary medication. A follow up appointment may be scheduled.

Recovery period

A socket will appear in the extraction site, and the gum will start to close it up gradually. The healing process occurs in stages:

  • After 2-4 hours: a blood clot will form;
  • 3-4 days after the surgery: granulation tissue will form;
  • 6 weeks – 4 months: bone tissue will fill in the extraction hole;
  • 20-30 days: healing after wisdom tooth extraction.

If sutures had to be applied, the wound can bother the patient for 7 days. During the recovery period, the following may occur:

  • Pain: dull, acute and nagging pain will go away after 2-4 days. Pain medication may be taken. If the situation has exacerbated, it is necessary to visit the doctor.
  • Swelling: a slight swelling of the gum is normal. If the swelling has increased or has become very painful, it might be a sign of infection in the operative site. It is necessary to visit the doctor to avoid complications.
  • Bleeding: it occurs rarely and may be provoked by traumatizing the extraction site with hard food. If bleeding does not stop, visit the clinic without delay.
  • High temperature: it is a sign of a wound infection, inflamed gum or other complications. You need to see the doctor as soon as possible.

After the surgery, it is necessary to follow rules of hygiene and avoid impacting the affected area with hard objects or exposing it to excess cold.


Extraction is not advisable in the following cases:

  • Oral infections and diseases.
  • Acute conditions: high temperature, viral infections, a sore throat.
  • Poor blood clotting ability.
  • Early and late pregnancy.
  • Menstrual period, 2 days before and after.
  • Cranio-cerebral injury.
  • Infarction, hypertensive crisis, cerebral crisis - acute stage.
  • Herpetic infection.

In some cases, extraction is not advised to patients with diabetes, endocrine diseases, HIV, epilepsy and mental disorders.

Axioma Dental is a dental clinic in Saint Petersburg where you can have a damaged tooth extracted quickly and without pain. We would like to invite you to a consultation and examination by a qualified doctor.

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