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Уважаемые пациенты! Мы не работаем
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Dental prosthetics

Treatment under a microscope
In-house dental laboratoryя
In-house visiograph and orthopantomograph (Sirona)
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Service prices

Specialist consultation 900р.
Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р.
Диагностика заболеваний полости рта
Составление нескольких планов лечения
Ceramic crown, Standard veneer 35 000р.
Zirconium dioxide crowns 37 000р
Metal-ceramic crown based on Co-Cr 27 000р.
Ceramic buildup (inlay, onlay, overlay) 32 000р.
Unique crown, veneer 50 000р.
Tooth root inlay, zirconium dioxide, ceramic 18 900р.
Изготовление диагностических моделей
Виртуальная моделировка и расстановка имплантатов
Фрезеровка шаблона на заводе Procera (США)

Dental prosthetics is an up-to-date technology intended to eliminate various dental arch defects. A full or partial absence of a dental arch can be compensated for by placing different types of orthopaedic structures into the mouth cavity. Dental bridges can hide defects and bring back the chewing function and a nice smile. Patients get used to them quickly and can eat their normal food. Prostheses can be fixed and removable, e.g. porcelain crowns, veneers and inlays. They can have different fixation systems.

Протезирование зубов

Types of dental prosthetics

The cost of dental prosthetics is based on the selected method, the materials used and the restoration goals. The range of services offered by the clinic is not only about aesthetics and a beautiful smile. Prosthetics will make it possible to chew as normal, avoid bone tissue atrophy and reduce the risk of periodontal diseases. Factors to consider include the number of teeth to be restored, their position and function, and the oral status. There are three modern prosthetic methods which are used most commonly.

Fixed prosthetics

It is suitable if it is needed to eliminate a dental arch defect when several teeth are partially decayed, in case of severe tissue abrasion and if it is necessary to improve shape and colour. The structures are made of ceramics, metal alloys and metal ceramics. It is impossible to remove them on your own. Dental restoration and prosthetics are performed with the following structures:

  • Bridgework prostheses and bridges: several crowns are rigidly linked and fixed to filed neighbouring teeth.
  • Crowns: they replicate the shape and colour of the tooth and are placed on top. They can be used if the tooth is only partially decayed.
  • Veneers: they are often used for the prosthetic rehabilitation of upper and lower front teeth. 
  • Inlays: microprostheses made of gold or ceramics and used for the restoration of the colour and shape of chewing teeth.

The downside of this method is that it requires filing down the abutment teeth bearing the main load.

Removable prostheses for lower and upper teeth

Протезирование зубов

This type of restoration is used when a lot of teeth are missing in a dental arch one after the other. It is suitable for elderly patients or those who would not like to have their teeth filed.

Acrylic prostheses

This structure has the most moderate price, as it is easy to install. Its advantage is that it replicates natural teeth well, but the downside is the risk of allergic reactions, so it should be removed before going to bed.

Nylon prostheses

With the foundation made of a plastic and very soft material, these structures excel at imitating the patient’s gum. 

Fixation method:

  • In case of all teeth missing in the upper or lower jaw, the prosthesis is placed on the gum and fixed due to the suction effect. Different gels are used.
  • In case of partially missing teeth in the arch, nylon hooks are used to fix the structure to neighbouring teeth. 

The prosthesis is lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Implant prosthetics

An orthopaedic structure is placed on implants which are integrated into the jaw bone. It should be noted that artificial roots integrate well and a prosthesis or bridge is fixed perfectly securely. It fits perfectly and does not bother the patient.

Fixed prosthetics with implants

This technique is used in case of one or several missing teeth. A titanium implant is inserted and capped with a crown. In case of edentulism, it is possible to integrate a few artificial roots so that a bridgework prosthesis could be inserted.

Removable prostheses with implants

This restoration technique is used when there are no abutment teeth to fix the bridge. This is solved by integrating 2-4 artificial roots, which are used to hold a prosthesis. As a result, secure fixation is achieved, diction is preserved, and the chewing function is back to normal.

Advantages and disadvantages of removable prostheses

The biggest benefit is a moderate cost of dental prosthetics. There are some other advantages:

  • Quick and easy placement.
  • Light weight.
  • Customized fabrication and fitting.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Healthy teeth are not affected.
  • Different defects can be eliminated.

This type of prosthetics has few contraindications, as it is a non-traumatic procedure and there are no age restrictions. It is possible to have only one tooth or the whole arch restored. The patient gets used to the structure quickly, chews well and is not embarrassed to smile.

One drawback of the structure is that it is not very durable because it is necessary to remove and clean it constantly. There is a risk of breakage, or the material can be scratched and becomes rough. Thorough care and purchasing special cleaning compounds are required.

Things to consider when choosing a dental prosthesis

The key factor is the nature of the defect and the number of missing teeth. The doctor will look at the indications for placing a fixed or removable prosthesis and whether it is possible to perform a surgery in order to insert artificial roots. 

When choosing the type and considering the cost of dental prosthetics, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the materials and final structure. The length of the bridge and the type of the crown (ceramics or super strong alloys) will affect the cost. For example, lightweight acrylic prostheses are quite affordable, but they are also toxic and may cause allergy. Implants are higher-priced, but they give a guaranteed lifelong result.

The final decision regarding the choice of the structure is made by the doctor taking into account the condition of the patient and contraindications present. 

Axioma Dental Clinic in Saint Petersburg would like to invite patients to have any dental arch defects eliminated at moderate prices.

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