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Gagarinskaya str. 30, Saint-Petersburg


The “Axioma Dental” Clinic was founded in November 2011 by professional dentists, who had been working over 15 years in this sphere. Since the early days of our Dentistry Center we have made choice in favour of effective and qualitative treatment.

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Our team is made up of highly-qualified and experienced professionals.

Whatever treatment you may need, you will find it at our clinics. Specialists in dental implants, orthodontics, periodontics, dental surgery, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics and paediatric dentistry.

We are located in the heart of Saint-Petersbug at Gagarinskaya st. 30
Working hours: Monday- Friday 10.00-21.00
Saturday, Sunday 10.00- 19.00

Our advantages

Individual approach

A comprehensive approach to the problem of the patient is a priority. Each patient is individual for us.


We guarantee a high level of service, quality treatment, stable results and reasonable prices.

Modern equipment

Only new technologies, modern equipment and certified materials.

The specialists

Experience over 8 years can solve the problems of patients of any level of complexity.

Our Dentists

Amiridi Dmitriy Nikolayevich

Dentist- surgeon, implantologist, chief physician
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Makanina Lina Viktorovna

Dentist - therapist
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Amiridi Marina Vladimirovna

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Kusevitskiy Leonid Yakovlevich

Dentist-orthopedist, Doctor of Medical Sciences
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Kovalev Elisey Viktorovich

Dentist-orthopedist implantologist therapist
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Aleshkova Tatyana Leonidovna

Dentist- therapist, surgeon
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Okunev Pavel Yuryevich

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Sapitskaya Aleksandra Igorevna

Dentist - orthodontist
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Milutka Marina Sergeevna

Dentist - orthodontist
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Avdeeva Tatyana Dmitrievna

Dentist- therapist
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I'm glad to find such a good clinic. Great servicing, clear explanation of a problem and ways of solving, patience, coherent and quick work. To tell the truth my teeth are not really in good condition. In fact, they are ruined. Early on I had free time and decided to visit the clinic just for consultation. It emerged that one tooth is rather the worse for wear and is to be extracted. I had never had my teeth extracted before and was in panic. Jaws hurt, as the dentist offered me to remove it immediately. I was unable to decide at once. In the evening I consulted with my Mom. She said that cystis could lead to major complications. She had had such unpleasant experience. After all I decided. The dentist Amiridi Dmitry explained me very quietly that he would use the best anaesthetics and I would feel no pain, but some pressure. An implant could be installed instead of extracted tooth. Everything passed as had been promised! Now there is the crown in place of extracted tooth, nobody can discern it from real tooth thanks to all doctors.

Ekaterina S.

Зная эту клинику, езжу с другого конца города. У меня воспалился корень зуба. Появилась серьезная опухоль. Зуб болел невыносимо. Не мог есть и спать два дня. Дмитрий Николаевич разъяснил мне причины воспаления и необходимое лечение. У доктора золотые руки. Все закончилось хорошо. Всем рекомендую.


Я нашел эту клинику по совету друга. Он сказал, что здесь работают люди, которым можно доверять. Впервые чувствовал себя удобно в стоматологическом кресле. Девушка на ресепшене очень мила и обходительна. Спасибо!


Хочется поблагодарить вашу клинику, а особенно хочется поблагодарить нашего лечащего врача Амириди Марину Владимировну!!!


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Gagarinskaya str. 30, Saint-Petersburg

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Gagarinskaya str. 30, Saint-Petersburg