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Self-ligating metal braces

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Using braces is a reliable and common method of bite correction. There are different types of braces used in dentistry. They can be metal, ceramic, sapphire, and traditional (with ligatures) or self-ligating. Self-ligating braces look less hefty when installed and visits to the dentist are less frequent. And these are not the only benefits!


Characteristics of self-ligating metal braces

Their main special feature is how they are fixed to the archwire. In traditional appliances, ligatures, i.e. rubber bands and wires, are used to fix the archwire to the brackets. Self-ligating braces do not use ligatures, as the archwire is inserted into a special groove in the bracket and kept securely in place.

Benefits of the braces

The benefits of self-ligating metal braces are:

  • Effective bite correction.
  • Neat appearance.
  • Reduced frequency of visits to the doctor - every 6-8 weeks.
  • Speedy correction.
  • Simple hygiene.
  • Don’t take long to get used to.
  • Very little risk of damaging mucosa.
  • A higher price might be a drawback, but it is quite justified.

How are metal braces installed?

Braces are installed by attaching brackets and installing an archwire. The procedure is totally painless and lasts for about an hour.

Before putting on braces, the maxillofacial area is examined and a treatment plan is drawn up. Our doctors offer several treatment methods.

  1. Before installing braces, complete oral cavity treatment is performed, and the patient is taught teeth cleaning rules. Dental treatment is performed under the microscope with precision and safety.
  2. Attaching the appliance starts with enamel polishing. Brackets are bonded to teeth with cement which is cured under an ultraviolet lamp. In this way, each bracket is attached securely.
  3. The archwire is inserted into the grooves and the clips are closed. The patient is given advice on how to use and take care of the appliance, and the next visit is scheduled.



Thorough dental and oral hygiene is essential during bite correction with any orthodontic appliance. All types of braces create numerous points where food gets stuck and plaque is accumulated. In the mouth cavity, there are a lot of areas which are difficult to reach for cleaning. To make the correction process safe and prevent caries and other oral diseases, we recommend the following:

  • Cleaning teeth 2-3 times a day;
  • Using special cleaning materials selected by the dentist (toothbrush, toothpaste);
  • Using dental floss and an oral irrigator to clean interdental spaces;
  • Using special brushes and interdental brushes to clean areas which are difficult to reach.
  • Rinsing your mouth after each meal;
  • Signing up for professional Air Flow cleaning every 3 months;
  • Keeping to the recommended diet and avoiding very hard food to prevent appliance breakage.
  • Making sure that your oral cavity organs are perfectly clean. 

Self-ligating braces have been proven by decades of use and are applied all over the world. The only downside of these systems is their inadequate aesthetics. Therefore, people who find metal brackets embarrassing may opt for ceramic braces. The price of metal braces and the cost of treatment are indicated on this page. Please call us to schedule a consultation: +7 (812) 565-15-05.

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