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Implantation of lower teeth

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Specialist consultation 900р. Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р. Osstem (Korea) implantation 36 000р. WhiteSky implantation (Bredent) 90 000р. Extraction of the broken screw from the impant 12 600р. Extraction of the implant 7900р. Straumann Roxolid SLActive implantation 56 000р. Straumann Roxolid implanation 52 000р.

Implantation of all lower teeth is a technique that allows restoring the chewing function, recovering a damaged dental arch and preventing changes in the face contour. The lower jaw is subjected to substantial loads: it is responsible for processing food and articulation. Since the bone in this area has higher density and is less prone to atrophy, the procedure does not require preliminary bone grafting.

Имплантация нижних зубов

Causes of arch loss - indications for implantation of lower molars and incisors

Due to increased loads, these teeth are damaged more rapidly. They are more prone to caries and pulpitis because it is difficult to remove plaque and calculus, which provoke the spread of infections. Because of the inconvenient location of premolars and molars, pathological processes may not be timely noticed.

Causes of tooth loss:

  • incorrect and irregular oral care;
  • injuries;
  • bad habits and an unhealthy diet;
  • osteoporosis;
  • systemic diseases - due to a metabolic disorder;
  • excessive loads;
  • individual physiological characteristics of a patient.

The probability of success of lower jaw dental implants is high, as artificial roots integrate with the bone well and quickly because of its density and large volume. The rate of failure is insignificant, and implants will serve their function for the whole life without having to be replaced.

Procedure characteristics

When placing artificial roots in the lower jaw, a doctor considers the following:

  • Bone tissue status. If it is less loose and have a good height, there is a chance of avoiding osteoplasty. Because of this, the duration of treatment may be reduced, and the implant integration takes 4 months at most, as contrasted to 6 months for upper jaw implants.
  • Difficult access to the operating site. Tooth implantation for lower jaw molars requires the doctor to have high qualifications so as to avoid implant misplacement.
  • Selecting a system. Only high-strength structures are inserted in the jaw which is subjected to permanent loading; otherwise, there is a high risk of breaking the artificial root. For example, the Swiss Straumann implant system is made of titanium, and the manufacturer provides a life-long guarantee for it. 
  • Minimal risks. As the artificial root is fixed securely in the bone, its integration occurs quickly, and no mobility or allergic reactions are observed.

Arch functionality is a priority for a doctor restoring posterior teeth. In case of anterior incisors and canine teeth, the task is also to create a nice natural smile.

Имплантация нижних зубов

Mandatory requirements for a surgical procedure

When placing implants, the doctor takes into account the close location of the trifacial nerve. A simulation is performed before the procedure, which aims to:

  • accurately determine the volume of tissues;
  • select the slope angle of the artificial root;
  • insertion depth;
  • precise positioning.

It is not acceptable to perform surgery without preparatory procedures, such as removing plaque and calculus and debridement, which is to prevent contamination in the operating site. The patient undergoes a number of tests to identify if there are any contraindications for implantation.

In case of severe atrophy, bone grafting is prescribed, so as to ensure that the structure will be fixed properly.

After an examination, the doctor selects a system. In case of one missing tooth, a single artificial root is inserted, which may be immediately followed by prosthetics to hide the defect.

For edentulous patients, the best solution is an All-on-4 prosthetic procedure. Using this unique method is advisable in case of atrophy or resorption. In the All-on-4 technique, only 4 implants are placed: 2 in the anterior region, and the other 2 are placed at an angle in the posterior region. This strong structure can securely hold a prosthesis of any length and withstand high loads.

It should be noted that the patient will be able to obtain a nice smile in 2 or 3 days and can return to their usual diet without feeling any discomfort. The system is patented. The Nobel all-on-four implant system is notable for its increased strength and a complex thread structure, which guarantees a tight fit. Its special coating accelerates the artificial root integration process. A temporary prosthesis completely covering the defects is placed on the surgery day.

Имплантация нижних зубов


The following symptoms may occur after any surgical intervention:

  • Painful sensations, which can be relieved by taking pain medication.
  • Swelling - will disappear after 5 days.
  • Slight bleeding in the first days after the surgery.
  • Elevated temperature.
  • Jaw numbness.

The following serious complications require immediate doctor’s attention:

  • Suture line disruption.
  • The body temperature rising to 38 °С and staying high for over 24 hours.
  • Peri-implantitis - an inflammatory process affecting tissues surrounding an implant because of infection or incorrect care.
  • Implant failure.

In order to avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to visit the doctor regularly and follow recommendations.

Lower tooth restoration techniques

The selected treatment technique must be suitable for the specific clinical picture:

  1. The two-stage classic implantation is an effective technique, which guarantees creating a strong fixed structure for the whole life. The first stage is inserting an artificial root by piercing or dissecting the gum. A mucosa cylinder is installed to be later replaced by a healing abutment and a temporary crown or prosthesis. The final stage of prosthetics begins after complete osseointegration, which may take up to six months. 
  2. The immediate implantation is an alternative technique, which makes it possible to cover the missing tooth or segment defect as early as the first day after the surgery. An implant is inserted immediately after extraction, and then a crown is placed.

The doctor selects an appropriate technique taking into account the main function of the teeth, the necessity of immediate loading and the remaining bone tissue thickness.

Axioma Dental Clinic performs all types of implantation with the least possible pain. We have up-to-date equipment, extensive experience and highly qualified dental specialists, and invite you to a consultation.

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