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Treatment with removable appliances, orthodontic treatment of children

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Malocclusion is a common condition. Only 30% have a correct bite, whereas the others need orthodontic treatment. Bite problems appear as early as childhood, but if treatment starts at an early age, it will be quicker and easier. Axioma Dental Clinic would like to invite children and their parents to have their bite checked and treated.

Детская ортодонтия

What affects incorrect bite formation in children?

Occlusion refers to the relationship of the teeth when the upper and lower jaws are in full contact with each other. It can be correct (physiological) or incorrect, i.e. pathological, which can be attributed to a number of factors:

  • heredity;
  • bottle feeding;
  • thumb sucking, prolonged use of a pacifier and other bad habits;
  • mouth breathing;
  • premature milk teeth extraction;
  • eating habits: the diet does not contain food requiring thorough chewing;
  • injuries.

The ability to determine the cause will influence the success of treatment. That is why Axioma Dental Clinic orthodontists perform a thorough examination of child patients involving their parents.

Why is it so important to treat malocclusion?

In childhood years, the maxillofacial area is more pliant: it makes treatment is easier, but the consequences will come sooner, too:

  • A high risk of dental diseases - caries and so on;
  • Disproportionate development of the maxilllofacial area;
  • Developing speech and diction defects;
  • Postural disorders;
  • Digestive tract diseases;
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction;
  • Aesthetic problems.

Bite correction in children

A consultation with a children’s orthodontist can be prescribed by a dental therapist, an ENT specialist or other specialists. However, it is always advisable to have a consultation with an orthodontist before the age of 4-5. After a checkup, the doctor will offer a few treatment options depending on the age and oral status, including removable and fixed appliances for children.

Vestibular plates

Applied from 2 years old, they fight bad habits, correct the position of the tongue and stimulate correct bite development and formation.


They can be worn by children from 4 to 10 years old and are used to align the dental arch, stimulate jaw growth and development and can help to get rid of bad habits.

Individual bite plates

For children aged 6-12, they are practically invisible and children get used to them quickly. The appliance forces the teeth to take the correct position and also stimulates jaw growth and development.


These are fixed appliances which can be used only for children over 12. Our dental clinic offers a wide choice of braces: both traditional metal structures and aesthetic appliances, which are invisible in public.

Clear aligners

They can be used for treatment of children over 12 years old. They are a relatively new phenomenon in children’s orthodontics and can make treatment considerably quicker. These systems are practically unnoticeable in public.

Advantages of Axioma Dental clinic

  1. Thorough examination and orthodontic treatment plan for children.
  2. Applying up-to-date techniques and appliances.
  3. Offering several treatment options.
  4. Experienced doctors who can get on well with children.
  5. Location of the clinic in the central district of Saint Petersburg.
  6. Convenient opening hours.

Frequently asked questions

At what age is it necessary to have an orthodontic consultation?

Even if there are no indications, it is advised to visit an orthodontist for a consultation after all milk teeth have erupted - normally, after 3 years old. However, in case of contributing factors and apparent problems, treatment may start even earlier.

How long does orthodontic treatment last for children?

The younger the child is, the shorter their treatment is, although it all depends on the initial bite status. If started early, treatment may not require wearing appliances - just myogymnastics will be sufficient, but it can be determined only after an examination.

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