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Service prices

Specialist consultation 900р.
Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р.
Диагностика заболеваний полости рта
Составление нескольких планов лечения
Straumann Roxolid implanation 52 000р.
Формирователь десны
Контрольный рентгеновский снимок
Паспорт (сертификат производителя) имлантата с серийным номером и всеми характеристиками
Straumann Roxolid SLActive implantation 56 000р.
Формирователь десны
Контрольный рентгеновский снимок
Паспорт (сертификат производителя) имлантата с серийным номером и всеми характеристиками)
Osstem (Korea) implantation 36 000р.
Формирователь десны
Паспорт (сертификат) имплантата
Nobel (Replace CC/Parallel CC) implantation 50 000р.
Формирователь десны
Контрольный рентгеновский снимок
Паспорт (сертификат производителя) имлантата с серийным номером и всеми характеристиками)
WhiteSky implantation (Bredent) 90 000р.
Extraction of the broken screw from the impant 12 600р.

Tooth implantation is a complex operation, which consists of a number of consecutive stages, each of which has its separate cost. At Axioma Dental Clinic, each patient has the opportunity to have their smile restored and find out about the turnkey tooth implantation cost, which includes all treatment related expenses, including prosthetics.


Missing teeth: how to solve the problem

Even one tooth missing is a problem which requires immediate attention. The longer it is ignored, the more difficult it will be to restore the chewing function. The absence of a proper chewing load triggers dystrophic processes in the bone, which is fraught with other serious problems.

Implantation is implanting an artificial titanium root and subsequent prosthetics. Such structures have practically no difference to natural teeth and result in:

  • 100% restoration of the chewing function, avoiding the need to introduce restrictions or follow a soft diet.
  • Complete cessation of dystrophic signs in the bone, ageing and problems with the temporomandibular joint.
  • Not having to worry about the prosthesis falling out.

Advantages of implantation


Our clinic uses only certified materials. We ensure strict control at all stages of treatment, whereas the application of surgical guides and computerized technologies rule out human error.

Compared to other methods of treating edentulism (loss of teeth), implantation has the following advantages:

  1. An artificial root distributes the chewing load correctly, which stops dystrophhic processes in the bone tissue completely.
  2. There is no need to file down neighbouring teeth or remove the pulp, which happens when bridgework prostheses are installed.
  3. Turnkey tooth implantation gives the opportunity to be aware of the full cost of treatment, from examination to rehabilitation.
  4. Only a professional dentist will be able to tell the difference between the crowns and natural teeth. 
  5. There is no need to change the diet after an implant is placed.

Indications and contraindications

Loss of one, several or all teeth is the indication for implantation. However, despite its numerous advantages, there are a few contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • blood-clotting disorders;
  • mental disorders;
  • acute exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • acute respiratory diseases;
  • head and neck oncology.


Treatment follows an algorithm consisting of 4 consecutive stages. .



At this stage, which may last from 1 to 7 days, the patient is examined, and their indications or contraindications are identified, as well as other factors which may impact on the success of treatment.

The following examination methods have to be applied:

  • Blood tests to evaluate the health condition and identify any factors that may lead to complications.
  • Computerized tomography, which makes it possible to study the implantation area and rule out any complications.
  • Orthopantomography, which gives a picture of the oral status, identifies latent carious cavities and slow tooth infections. 
  • Allergen tests to rule out allergic reactions.

Preparation for surgery

After examination, the doctor develops an operative plan. This stage includes:

  • Full mouth debridement, professional hygiene as necessary, etc.
  • Creating a three-dimensional computer simulation of the jaw and operating field.
  • Selecting implants and their size, and planning their location in the bone tissue.
  • Developing a plan of preliminary operations: sinus lift, osteoplasty.

Integrating the implant


The selection of a protocol is dependent on the clinical picture. Our clinic uses a number of implantation methods:

  • Single-stage.

It is performed in one visit to the clinic. After the implantation, a temporary crown is placed for 1 to 7 days, or a permanent one.

  • Two-stage.

This is a classic method which requires two operations to be performed: implanting an artificial root, after which the patient is sent home for 3 to 6 months. When bone tissue has been formed, an abutment and a crown are placed.

At Axioma Dental Clinic, implantation is performed with the use of surgical guides, which is less traumatic, reduces the rehabilitation period and prevents any complications after implanting the artificial root.

Implant prosthetics

Some implant protocols allow placing temporary or permanent orthopaedic structures immediately: crowns and bridge prostheses. Permanent crowns are made of zirconia, metal ceramics or ceramics.

Permanent structures are placed after 6 to 12 months.

Advantages of implantation at Axioma Dental Clinic

We apply only certified materials from leading manufacturers:

  • Straumann system.

These implants are made of titanium-zirconium alloy, which is noted for its high biocompatibility. The systems are used to treat patients with a burdened medical history: diabetes, bone atrophy, etc.

  • Nobel system.

These are implants coated with microelements, which ensure quick implant integration. The implant itself is fitted with a special thread, which ensures good implant stabilization.

The crowns are manufactured from zirconium dioxide, which is characterized by high strength, good aesthetics and is not prone to discoloration or chipping. Metal ceramic crowns, known for their strength and good aesthetics, are more commonly placed with implants for posterior teeth.

Due to the use of high-quality materials, we provide a guarantee for our work and place implants in one visit.

Turnkey cost

The price covers the entire treatment plan, i.e all stages and manipulations as necessary. The final cost will include:

  1. Comprehensive diagnostics of the oral status.
  2. Consultation and examination by a dental therapist, orthopaedist, etc.
  3. Implant selection, its cost, consumables and the surgery itself.
  4. Manufacturing and placing an orthopaedic structure.
  5. Consultation and patient care throughout treatment plus rehabilitation.

Frequently asked questions

How long does implantation take?
The time frame will depend on the selected method. For example, for immediate implantation procedures, 1 to 7 days may be needed, whereas a two-stage implantation procedure will take about 3 to 6 months.

How often does failure occur?
All systems have a high level of integration, i.e. implant survival rate. The Nobel system manufacturer, for example, provides a life-long guarantee, with a failure probability of less than 2%.

Which crowns to choose?
Zirconia crowns are considered to be the strongest, and they are not prone to chipping or discoloration. These materials are are also notable for their aesthetics. Metal ceramic ones make an affordable option characterized by high aesthetics.

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