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Marina Vladimirovna Amiridi

Marina Vladimirovna Amiridi

Orthopaedic dentist

Orhtopaedic dentist, highly qualified specialist in therapy and orthopaedics.

Approaching each patient individually and using modern teeth treatment methods, Marina Vladimirovna makes her work enjoyable not only because of the outcome but also the treatment process itself.

Marina Vladimirovna actively attends conferences, seminars and symposiums. She has mastered all types of dental prosthetic rehabilitation.

She is a marvellous doctor and a kindhearted person. She always has an excellent rapport with her patients, who get healthy teeth and a lovely smile as an outcome.

  • Orthopaedic dentistry,
  • Dental therapy,
  • Surgical dentistry.
Work experience: 12 years
  • 2009 - S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy
  • 2010-2011 St. Elisabeth’s Hospital
  • 2011-2014 City Dentistry Centre
  • 2014-present Axioma Dental Clinic
  • internship -S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, 2009-2010
  • residency -Saint Petersburg State University, 2012-2014
  • Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, 2004-2009
  • Certificates and courses:

2010 - “Application of Modern Nickel Titanium ProTaper Universal Tools.”
2010 - “Icon -Infiltation Concept.”
2010 - “Obturation of Root Canals - SistemB.”
2011 - “Symposium on “Modern Trends in Dentistry: Medical and Legal Aspects.”
2013 - “Gadzhi Dazhaev’s Training Course on “Planning and Preparation”
2013 - “2D and 3D Diagnostic Radiology in Dentistry.”
2013 - “Doctor Fernando Vizcaya’s Implantology Course.”
2014 - “Key Practical Methods Which Every Orthopaedist Needs.”
2014 - “Frankfurt University’s Protocols on Implant Prosthetics Combining State-of-the-Art Technologies and Years-Long Experience.”
2014 - “Conference on “Current Aspects of Functional and Aesthetic Rehabilitation in Case of Complete Edentulism.”
2015 - “Pascal Favori’s Course “How to Achieve a Superb Outcome in Aesthetic Dentistry.”
2015 - “Domingo Martin’s Course “Introduction to FACE Philosophy. Orthodontics and Functional Occlusion.”
2016 - “Baltic Conference on Curgical Dentistry.”
2017 - “Jeffrey Okeson’s Course “What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Temporomandibular Disorders.”

Certificates and diplomas


Marina Vladimirovna Amiridi

Orthopaedic dentist
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