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Ceramic self-ligating braces

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Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are a good alternative to metal ones. They have a solid non-traumatic archwire, which is effective in correcting bite and does not bother the patient. It does not damage enamel and evenly delivers pressure to teeth without causing discomfort. 


Ceramic braces can be used for children starting at 13 years old. They are common in adult orthodontics. The advantage of the appliance is a choice of shades which match the natural teeth colour. The appliance straightens teeth by moving them into alignment. Ceramic brackets are bonded to the crown, and an archwire, which puts pressure and ensures tension, is threaded through them.

The following types of appliances are used:

  • Ligature braces: ligatures are used to fix brackets to the archwire. The orthodontist will choose the degree of tension.
  • Self-ligating ceramic braces. The bracket has an inbuilt clip, in which the archwire is inserted. The advantage is that the doctor is able to adjust the tension force at a specific area, where the defect is more pronounced, which will enhance the final outcome of the bite correction procedure.

In addition, metal rings can be placed on posterior teeth together with ceramic braces to increase the strength of the appliance. The orthodontist will select a bite correction system based on the nature and complexity of the case.

Characteristics and advantages

Ceramic braces have a reliable design, provide comfort, are hardly noticeable on your teeth and ensure the predicted outcome.


  • The transparent material is hardly noticeable on the surface of teeth and can be noticeable only at a very close distance.
  • They are easy to remove without any risk of damaging enamel or leaving any traces. The teeth do not change their appearance, and the structure and density do not change either under the tension of the archwire.
  • The ceramic material is hypoallergenic, safe for the health, and has no nickel alloys or toxins. It is not reactive with the oral environment.
  • The color shade of the appliance matches the enamel.
  • The smooth surface of the protruding elements of the braces minimizes the time it takes to adapt to the appliance.
  • No painful sensations during prolonged wearing.
  • Simple care - no need to use any expensive cleaning materials.
  • The cost of safe ceramic braces is lower than that of sapphire ones.

These appliances are strong and their surface is resistant to staining during the entire bite correction period.

Who is a good candidate for ceramic braces?

Wearing ceramic braces is a good choice for patients who have aesthetic concerns. This orthodontic appliance is inconspicuous, barely noticeable and does not affect diction. It suits teenagers well and does not create any inconvenience or fall out during intensive physical exercise. The appliance is used to treat bite abnormalities of varying degree in nickel allergic patients, but it is contraindicated for patients with periodontal diseases.

The difference between ceramic and sapphire appliances

Unlike sapphire braces, ceramic appliances have an opaque shade which does not glint. They are notable for having a higher density and strength. Their price is lower than that of sapphire braces, and the final treatment cost is lower.

Axioma Dental Clinic would like to invite adults and children to have their bite corrected. We can guarantee secure fixation and the predicted treatment outcome. Please, come to our consultation, so we can answer your questions and offer the best treatment options.

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