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Teeth whitening

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Service prices

Specialist consultation 900р.
Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р.
Диагностика заболеваний полости рта
Составление нескольких планов лечения
Home whitening - 1 Opalescence syringe 1700р
Clinical (in-office) teeth whitening with Zoom4 35 000р.

A snow-white smile is an integral part of appealing looks and success. Unfortunately though, natural enamel colour can vary from bluish white to yellow. There are other factors that have an effect on tooth colour, such as age, bad habits, nutrition and oral health status. Our doctors at Axioma Dental Clinic in Saint Petersburg would like to invite you to a professional teeth whitening procedure.

Indications and contraindications for teeth whitening

The main indication is dissatisfaction with tooth colour, but there are others, as it is not only an aesthetic but also a treatment procedure:

  • Tooth color changes with age.
  • Colour can change because of hypoplasia, fluorosis, after injuries (pink teeth), pulpitis and periodontitis treatment (grey tooth), etc.
  • Enamel darkens because of smoking or overuse of coloured drinks and food.

Before whitening, our clinic will perform a series of diagnostic procedures in order to identify contraindications and factors which may affect the result:

  • Unsatisfactory oral health status;
  • Pathological teeth abrasion;
  • Gum diseases in an acute stage;
  • Wearing braces;
  • Pregnancy and a lactation period;
  • Allergies to components contained in whitening gels.

Teeth whitening should be preceded by professional oral hygiene, otherwise the procedure will become pointless.

Whitening without harming teeth

Only a professional teeth whitening procedure which follows the protocol and using a technique which is suitable for the patient can be safe and effective.

At Axioma Dental Clinic, we use an upgraded Zoom 4 whitening system. Its advantage lies in a good balance between the result and safety, as it uses 25% hydrogen peroxide (the lowest content of the active substance among similar products) 

During the procedure, a special light activated gel is applied to the teeth in the smile zone. Due to a chemical reaction, active oxygen is released and enters tooth tissues displacing pigments. The procedure lasts for 45-60 minutes making teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

Whitening procedures continue at home with Opalescence products to reinforce and improve the result. After a course of treatment, teeth will become up to 3-4 shades whiter. After examination and taking into account the patient’s expectations, the doctor will draw up a whitening schedule for wearing trays filled with a special gel: from 2 to 10 hours a day. The main advantage of Opalescence teeth whitening at our clinic is using custom made trays, which improve the whitening result.

The cost of whitening

The cost of a complete whitening procedure depends on the initial tooth colour and the expected result. The professional oral hygiene procedure is also added to the cost. Our dentist will prepare your treatment plan and cost the options during the appointment.

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