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Aesthetic dentistry

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Эстетическая стоматология

A lovely smile and well-groomed teeth are indispensable ingredients for high self-esteem, career development and even personal life. Unfortunately, not everyone is bestowed by nature with snow-white regularly-shaped teeth, aka a Hollywood smile. However, aesthetic dentistry is here to put it right.

What is aesthetic dentistry

It is a series of measures aiming to create a harmonious smile with the right proportions of size, shape, length and teeth colour with account for the special anatomical features of the lips and facial proportions. In this segment of dentistry, age-related changes in the dentofacial system and facial soft tissues are corrected and prevented. By undergoing treatment, it is possible not only to conceal visible age signs, but also to prevent ptosis (drooping) of lower face soft tissues, preserve contour sharpness and remove the double chin.

A beautiful smile is only possible if your teeth and gums are healthy, and the bite is correct. Therefore, this segment incorporates all areas of dentistry: treatment of teeth, gums, prosthetics, bite correction and, naturally, cosmetic procedures.

What is aesthetic dentistry needed for?

Its main purpose is to remove aesthetic defects of teeth and gums:

  • Enamel chipping or cracking;
  • Tooth discoloration;
  • Non-carious lesions;
  • Asymmetrical teeth;
  • Gummy smile;
  • Filling correction (cosmetic restoration), etc.;
  • Removal and prevention of age-related changes: enamel yellowing, abrasion, etc.

Aesthetic dentistry methods and technologies

A Hollywood smile rests on these key parameters:

  • Shape, width and length of teeth in harmony with each other;
  • Skin, hair and tooth colour;
  • Display of gums and teeth while talking and smiling.

Axioma Dental is an aesthetic dental clinic in Saint Petersburg, where experienced doctors will help you make your dream come true - give you a Hollywood smile. It is created by thinking everything out thoroughly, down to the last detail. All of this is achievable due to the methods that we apply:

  • Orthodontic treatment with all types of braces;
  • Tooth whitening;
  • Prosthetics, e.g. veneering;
  • Gingival plastic surgery.

Aesthetic dentistry at Axioma Dental Clinic

The most advanced smile correction method is making composite or ceramic veneers. Either type has its own specific features, advantages and drawbacks.

Composite veneers are a low-cost option and are applied directly to your teeth in only one visit. The choice of material is based on the skin, eye’s sclera and tooth colour. During restoration, natural grooves and enamel opacity at the cutting edge are reproduced so that the veneers do not look unnatural, etc. 

Applying porcelain veneers is a more reliable option, since they are practically not subject to staining and last 20 or more years on average. In our clinic, computer technologies are used in veneer production.

At the examination stage, the patient may see the expected result of treatment. Before placing veneers, the teeth are filed down to fit the future structure. Then, a special camera is used to take digital impressions of the teeth. A 3D model of the maxillofacial region is created with the use of software to form restoration. The needed structure is milled with pinpoint precision on a milling machine.

Advantages of treatment at Axioma Dental

  1. Well thought out treatment
  2. Experienced doctors
  3. Use of modern materials and technologies
  4. In-house dental laboratory
  5. Treatment outcome simulation
  6. 3D-modelling of future structures
  7. A choice of several treatment options
  8. Convenient opening hours - until 21:00.

Frequently asked questions

Which is a better option: whitening or veneers?

Either of these methods has indications and contraindications for use, which should be considered first. Porcelain veneers are the best investment in your smile. These structures are not prone to wear and have a long life of 20 or more years. If you are not ready to give up bad habits, the result of whitening will last for 1 or 2 years.

Are veneers the only way to get a Hollywood smile?

No. There are numerous methods in dentistry, which can improve your smile and correct age-related changes. They include crowns, inlays, restoration with filling materials, etc. The most suitable method is chosen depending on the oral health status in the presence of indications.

How much does a Hollywood smile cost?

The price will depend on the selected treatment method, its scope and initial oral status. You can find out about the final treatment cost after a consultation, where the doctor presents the expected outcome.

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