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Gum plasty

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Specialist consultation 900р. Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р. Osstem (Korea) implantation 36 000р. WhiteSky implantation (Bredent) 90 000р. Extraction of the broken screw from the impant 12 600р. Extraction of the implant 7900р. Straumann Roxolid SLActive implantation 56 000р. Straumann Roxolid implanation 52 000р.

Gum plasty is a surgical intervention which aims to create a beautiful natural contour. The procedure is necessary in case of severe tissue atrophy, tooth root exposure or a severe periodontal disease. The outcome of the procedure is a beautiful and natural smile, the ability to treat complicated conditions and tissue volume restoration for successful implantation.

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Types of gingivoplasty

A gum plasty surgery can be local in the area of one tooth. Generalized intervention is needed to correct a mucosal defect of the entire contour. Depending on the correction type, the following procedures are applied:

  • Gingivectomy - removing excess gum tissues.
  • Wisdom tooth hood excision.
  • Forming a gingival cuff - the procedure may be required for dental implants.
  • Gum recession graft procedures - tissue volume augmentation.
  • Gummy smile correction.

Surgical contouring can be performed during a flap surgery. The procedure can also be applied after the completion of the recovery period when the gums have completely healed.

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Soft tissue plasty is used for medical and cosmetic purposes and keeps a patient safe from complications that may develop in the future. During the procedure, the doctor removes excess tissue volumes or increases volumes in case of deficiency. The corrective procedure is performed on the lower and upper jaw:

Gum plasty before and after implant placement: forming an even contour and restoration of lost mucosal volumes.

Lip frenulum and tongue anomalies.

Soft tissue correction in case of periodontal diseases when periodontal pockets or spaces between the teeth and gum tissue are formed.

  • Gum plasty is applied to remove excess tissues hanging over the crown - a gummy smile.
  • Forming an even contour after prosthetics. If it is done, the cost of tooth implantation will increase.
  • Correction of transformed mucosa caused by gingivitis.
  • An uneven gum level in one region or over the entire contour.
  • Gum recession - the mucosa has pulled back exposing tooth roots and increasing tooth sensitivity.
  • Cosmetic effect - correcting mucosa to get a flawless smile
  • Soft tissue inflammation as a result of teething.

Gum plasty surgery is performed by an experienced doctor after a careful preparation of the patient and checking for contraindications.


A flap surgery is divided into a few stages:

  • Local anaesthesia.
  • Treating the operating site with an antiseptic.
  • Tissue incision.
  • Forming and elevating flaps. The external flap is a mucosal soft tissue, and the internal flap comprises periodontal and periosteum tissues.
  • Curettage - cleaning periodontal pockets, the tooth enamel, root and neck from calculus and plaque. The removal of the bacterial layer will prevent inflammations in the future.

In case of specific indications, during the flap surgery, the doctor will perform other scheduled procedures related to the restoration and transplantation of bone tissues.


Upper and lower gum plasty is not recommended to patients with:

  • A CNS disturbance.
  • An acute exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Immune deficiency.
  • Systemic and general diseases.
  • Blood diseases - poor blood clotting.
  • Oncology.
  • Diabetes.
  • Respiratory diseases.
  • Intolerance or allergy to anaesthesia.

If contraindications to the procedure are of local nature, the doctor will schedule a gum plasty surgery as soon as they are eliminated.

Relative contraindications:

  • poor oral hygiene;
  • acute gum inflammation;
  • multiple caries lesions which haven’t been treated;
  • virus diseases.

Your dental doctor will prescribe a course of treatment, eliminate relative contraindications and schedule a flap surgery.

Recommendations for rehabilitation from gingivoplasty

After a surgical intervention, tissues will take from 2 to 12 days to heal. The tissues under the mucosa cylinder will heal for one or two weeks. The exact time will depend on the scope of intervention and may be affected by the patient’s diseases. During the recovery period, it is important to monitor the stitches and avoid their premature disruption. If it has happened, visit the dentist immediately. The following routine can help you speed up the healing process:

  • Do not use a toothbrush and toothpaste during the first 2-3 days. After that, do not direct the bristles to the operating site until it is healed.
  • Rinse your mouth after eating with warm water and antibacterial solutions. Use Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, salts.
  • Wear a mouthguard - it will protect tissues and speed up healing. .
  • Apply special gels in case of painful sensations.
  • Diet: do not eat spicy and hard food. Give preference to warm and soft products.
  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol.
  • During the first 14 days, avoid physical exertion, intensive workouts, taking a sauna or a hot bath.

If the patient follows the doctor’s advice accurately and attends check-ups on time, the recovery period will be shorter and no complications will occur.

Axioma Dental Clinic would like to invite you to a consultation where you can find out more about the surgery and the cost of gum plasty. You won’t feel any pain. Our qualified doctors will help you repair any dental defect.

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