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Inlay cores

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The main principle of the dental profession is to save teeth using every available technique. Even if the crown part is completely decayed and there are no support walls, it might be possible to save the tooth by using an inlay core, which is also referred to as a post and core inlay. This structure is fixed in the root canal and assumes the role of the root prosthesis a crown will be placed on.

Внутрикорневые вкладки

Indications and contraindications

The key goal of placing an inlay core is to avoid extraction and save the tooth. The main indication for placement is the need to build a support which will hold orthopaedic structures, so that the tooth could continue performing its function.

Besides indications, there are some contraindications:

  • Inadequate roots or canals: curvature, obstruction, insufficient length, thin walls;
  • A number of exacerbation cases / complications of periodontitis in past medical history; 
  • Improper filling of root canals.

At Axioma Dental Clinic, an inlay core is placed taking into account possible indications and contraindications, as well as other factors influencing the treatment outcome.


There are a few types of post and core inlays in use: all-cast (with 1-2 posts), which are inserted in teeth with no more than 2 canals, and split cast for teeth with 3 or more root canals.

Inlay cores are made of different materials:

  • Metal.

They are noted for strength and reliability, but they have poor aesthetics, so they are used only on posterior teeth, where strength is more important. Different kinds of metal are used.

  • Ceramic inlay core.

It is used for the restoration of teeth within the smile line because of its high aesthetics.

  • Zirconia inlay core.

It is very strong and notable for its high aesthetics; it isn’t visible through the crown. This is the best choice for posterior and anterior teeth because of aesthetics and strength.

When selecting an inlay core, the tooth status, chewing pressure and aesthetics are taken into consideration. The cost of an inlay core for a crown will depend on the selected material and other structural features.

Placement stages

At our clinic, the indirect method is applied for the manufacture of inlay cores, but it is always preceded by root canal treatment.

The indirect method has its own specific features, with the main one being taking an impression which is used in the dental laboratory to fabricate a model. On the day of placement, the mouth cavity is treated, the inlay core is fixed with a special cement and then impressions are taken to make a crown.

Advantages of treatment at Axioma Dental Clinic

  1. Using up-to-date materials and technologies.
  2. Our own dental lab, which shortens treatment time.
  3. By applying computer technologies, inlay cores are manufactured quickly and with pinpoint precision.
  4. Because our doctors have a wealth of experience, the likelihood of a complication or a mistake is reduced to a minimum.
  5. Treatment outcome guarantees.
  6. Convenient location and opening hours.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a difference between a post and an inlay core?

Yes, and a significant one. Posts are inserted so that it is possible to perform filling and distribute chewing pressure. However, recently this kind of treatment hasn’t been applied due to numerous complications. The average service life of a post is about 2 years. Then the post will have to be removed or it will be necessary to make a post and core inlay with subsequent prosthetics.

What are the advantages of digital inlay core manufacturing?

The inlay core itself is very small and is measured in millimeters or even fractions of a millimeter. That is why pinpoint precision is essential in inlay core manufacturing. Digital diagnostics and modeling methods prevent human error and other mistakes at all inlay core manufacturing stages. This extends the service life of the structure and prevents complications.

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