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Уважаемые пациенты! Мы не работаем
8 и 16 марта. Но мы доступны по телефону +7 (921) 401-99-66.

Air Flow cleaning without any harm to enamel

Treatment under a microscope
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Service prices

Specialist consultation 900р. Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р. Complex professional oral hygiene 8000р. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning (all teeth) 6000р. Plaque removal with an Airflow device 7000р. Профилактическая обработка зубов фторосодержащими препаратами 3500р. Покрытие от гиперчувствительности Clinpro Xt Varnish 500р.

Tea, coffee and cigarette stains are difficult to remove on your own. A toothbrush and dental floss can remove food remnants from teeth but cannot help with enamel stains. Discoloration can cause caries development and gum diseases.
A gentle Air Flow professional cleaning procedure will be a good choice, which will help you to return a natural colour to your smile and prevent complications. Not affecting enamel or gums, the process removes plaque and returns an attractive colour to your smile.

What is Air Flow dental cleaning?

The procedure cleans the dental surface from plaque, which appears as a result of eating, drinking and smoking. Teeth become 1-2 shades whiter, and their natural colour returns.
The dentist uses a sandblasting appliance which feeds a water jet with microabrasive powder into a narrow tip. The mixture eliminates microorganisms, calculus and plaque even in interdental spaces.

Who is Air Flow suitable for?

For people who care about the health of their teeth and gums, as well as for those who are up for treatment or restoration, for example, when crowns are to be placed, it is necessary to prepare the teeth and return their natural colour.

It may also be required if:

  • It is necessary to perform hygienic treatment of implants or braces, but using a toothbrush doesn’t help.
  • Teeth are positioned too close to each other and food remnants cannot be removed with dental floss.
  • Gum problems: they bleed or swell even when a toothbrush is used.
  • Tooth plaque has become dense and dark.

As a result, the procedure prevents diseases, cleans teeth, which become lighter, and also helps to get rid of an unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Compared to more aggressive methods, this technique has the the following advantages:

  • Using water with powder for cleaning is painless both for teeth and for gums; 
  • The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes with an immediate visible effect;
  • Complete cleaning of implants and prostheses;
  • No harmful components in the cleaning mixture.

The disadvantages of this method are:

  • Not effective for deep rooted calculus.
  • There are contraindications for some people.

The course of the procedure

Preparatory stage

Before the procedure, it is necessary to come to a dental consultation so that the doctor could assess the health of the oral cavity, whilst you can ask questions and talk about contraindications. If everything is good, the dentist will schedule an appointment or perform the procedure on the same day.

Cleaning stage

Before cleaning, the doctor will put a small amount of gel on your lips so that they don’t go dry. After that, the assistant will place a retractor into the mouth, which will protect the cheeks and lips from the powder. The patient will also be equipped with googles and protective clothes, and their face will be covered with a tissue. 

During the procedure, the dentist will treat every tooth with a sandblasting device, after which all teeth will be polished with a brush and special paste. Gums and soft tissues won’t be affected. When the procedure is over, the dentist will cover the enamel with a fluorine containing compound to reinforce the result.

Recovery stage

After the procedure, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations: avoid colouring drinks such as tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, red fruit and vegetables during the first two days. It is also a good idea to abstain from hot and cold food, as the enamel will be highly sensitive to temperature for 2-3 days.

What contraindications are there?

Although the technique is painless and safe, it is contraindicated to some groups of people. The dentist will not perform cleaning in the following cases:

  • Acute periodontal diseases have been diagnosed. The gum can be hurt.
  • There are hard dental deposits.
  • Problems with the respiratory system, e.g. bronchial asthma.

Dental cleaning at Axioma Dental

If you want a snow-white smile and healthy teeth, you are welcome to visit Axioma Dental Clinic in Saint Petersburg. Our experienced specialists will perform Air Flow cleaning and remove plaque at an affordable price. You will see the effect right after you leave the dentist’s office and a feeling of spick and span cleanliness and freshness will stay for a long time.

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Dental therapist

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