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Service prices

Full course of treatment with partial braces 2*4 (metal) 31 500р.
Fixation of metal ligature braces (1 jaw) 44 000р.
Fixation of metal self-ligating braces 61 000р.
Fixation of partial metal braces 2*4 (1 jaw) 27 000р.
Activation of vestibular braces (1 jaw) 3500р.
Replacement of metal braces 2000р.
Replacement of an aesthetic bracket 2500р.
Putting a spring to align molars 4000р.
Снятие оттисков и изготовление диагностических моделей челюстей
Расчет снимков ТРГ, КТ, ОПТГ
Снятие оттисков
Расчет на компьютере количества требуемых капп и сроков лечения
Фиксация металлической брекет-системы
Активация на весь период лечения
*снятие брекет-системы и ретенционные аппараты оплачиваются отдельно
Фиксация металлической брекет-системы
Активация на весь период лечения
*Снятие брекет-системы и ретенционные аппараты оплачиваются отдельно
Фиксация брекет-системы
Активация на весь период лечения
*Снятие брекет-системы и ретенционные аппараты оплачиваются отдельно

Only 30% of people have a correct bite. Others need to undergo orthodontic treatment of different complexity. Treatment success depends on the qualifications of the doctor, the selected treatment method and preliminary examination. After a checkup and examination, Axioma Dental Clinic doctors will offer a number of treatment options, e.g. using a bite plate, braces or aligners, which allow correcting any bite condition in adults and children.


Indications for orthodontic treatment

Malocclusions do not pose only aesthetic problems. An incorrect function of the dentofacial system results in an excessive strain on bone tissues and makes it difficult to do proper oral hygiene leading to higher risks of caries and its complications. 

Orthodontic treatment is necessary in the following cases:

  • Incorrect position of teeth: one or several teeth are located outside the arch or a tooth cannot erupt for a lack of space.
  • Disproportionate jaw growth affecting facial aesthetics.
  • Displacement of one or several teeth resulting from the extraction of neighbouring teeth or primary adentia (no tooth primordium).
  • Dental crowding.
  • Tremas and diastemas.
  • Impaired mouth closure.
  • Open, cross, deep, distal or mesial occlusion. 
  • Wedge-shaped defect.
  • Preparation for dental implants.
  • Excessive attrition of teeth.
  • Permanent chipping of fillings, crowns and veneers.

Malocclusion is a predisposing factor for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, postural disorders, chronic headaches, as well as premature ageing, formation of mimic wrinkles, etc.


Despite the obvious benefits of bite correction, there are contraindications, which can be divided into absolute ones, i.e. treatment cannot be performed, and relative ones, meaning that treatment is possible after the contraindications are removed.

The relative contraindications are:

  • improper hygiene;
  • no oral debridement;
  • allergic reactions to materials of braces;
  • Infectious and somatic diseases in an acute form.

There are not many absolute contraindications, which include head and neck oncology, epilepsy, mental disorders, alcohol and drug addictions.

Orthodontic treatment methods at Axioma Dental Clinic

The choice of a treatment method depends on the age of the patient, the bite status, contributory factors and, of course, the available budget. Our clinic’s patients can see the result even before treatment begins, whilst the doctor can predict and evaluate each stage. Due to the use of digital technologies and extensive experience of our doctors, we can guarantee a positive outcome and avoid possible complications.

Treatment with removable orthodontic appliances

Removable orthodontic appliances used to treat children and adults include trainers, bite plates and aligners.

Our clinic performs treatment with aligners, which are transparent splints made of a safe polymer material. They apply a gentle pressure to the dental arch, making the teeth shift and take the correct position.

Treatment with fixed appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances are braces, which are used for traditional treatment that has been proven effective by years of application and can cope with the most complicated clinical situations.

At our clinic, we use all kinds of braces for treatment:

  • metal;
  • ceramic;
  • sapphire;
  • lingual braces, which are fixed to the back of the teeth and are hidden from view. 

Other treatment methods

Since it is not always possible to treat malocclusion successfully using braces or other methods, surgical correction may be required. Such operations are complex, but they are the only way to achieve the needed result and improve the quality of life, avoiding negative consequences.

Myogymnastics may be prescribed to reinforce the result and reduce treatment time. It is a series of exercises aimed at stimulating jaw growth and making the muscular system and the temporomandibular joint work correctly.

Treatment stages

Treatment success depends on numerous factors, which are considered by the doctors at our clinic. A special emphasis is made on a thorough examination and identification of factors which can affect the treatment outcome.

Orthodontic treatment with removable and fixed appliances follows the procedure described below:

  • Placement

Placing braces, aligners and other appliances is painless, but it requires the dentist to be skilled and precise, and may last for 10 to 90 minutes.

  • Scheduled examination

The dentist will make up an examination schedule to evaluate and correct treatment, i.e. changing orthodontic wires in braces and aligners. For example, if ligature braces are used, it will be necessary to visit the doctor every 3-4 weeks, whereas self-ligating braces do not require such frequent appointments.

  • Retentive period

Orthodontic treatment normally lasts for 1-2.5 years. But treatment doesn’t stop with the removal of braces. The results need to be reinforced during the retentive period. Throughout this time, the patient wears removable or fixed retainers, which prevent the teeth from shifting into the former position. 

The cost of bite correction


The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the clinical situation and selected method. After consultations, our doctors will offer an affordable bite correction option with inexpensive appliances. If aesthetic considerations are important for the patient, they will be offered highly aesthetic braces which go unnoticed in public.

Medical expert:
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Orthodontic dentist

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