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Home teeth whitening with the Opalescence system

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Home teeth whitening with the Opalescence system is an effective procedure to maintain teeth brightness after in-office whitening. It is also an alternative to whitening which involves using equipment for those who want to see their teeth 1-2 shades whiter. The technology helps to remove stubborn stains of different origin. The result will last for a long time if the gel is applied correctly and all recommendations of your dentist are followed.

Домашнее отбеливание зубов системой Opalescence

Benefits of Opalescence home whitening:

  • Safety: the enamel and deep structures of the teeth are not affected, as the content of hydrogen peroxide in the compound is not high.
  • A preventive and strengthening effect: the gel contains calcium fluoride and nitrate, which provide nutriment and strengthen dental tissues.
  • Opalescence home teeth whitening is a simple procedure, which does not take a lot of time or require a LED lamp.
  • An effective gel: it does not cause irritation, its viscous mass does not leak out and come into contact with gums. The composition contains a component which activates bleaching. Enamel is not overdried.
  • Home teeth whitening does not damage the pulp.
  • No pain.
  • Eliminating fluorosis, drug-induced enamel colouring - up to 10 shades lighter. .
  • A quick result.
  • The effect stays for 1-3 years.

This technique has very few contraindications, but it is important to remember that if used improperly, any whitening system may irreversibly affect dental tissues. The system can be used only after a consultation with a dentist, who will calculate the required gel concentration and the time it has to stay on the enamel.

Using the Opalescence kit at home

The Opalescence professional whitening kit consists of a few syringes containing a special gel based on carbamide peroxide. The gel is available in a few concentration options: 10%, 15% and 20%. The kit does not include trays, which are fabricated by the dentist based on the patient’s individual features. 

Application guidelines:

  • Normal tooth cleaning.
  • Applying the gel by spreading it evenly over the inner surface of the tray in one long strip by pressing the gel out of the syringe.
  • Place the tray on the lower and upper teeth and press slightly for tight fixation. 
  • The application time of the Opalescence home bleaching system depends on the selected compound concentration. The 15-20% gel is activated in 30 minutes, whereas it takes as long as an hour for the 10% substance to activate. The gel can be used during the night.
  • Final stage. Remove the tray and rinse the oral cavity well with warm water.

Patients may choose a regime which is best for their purpose: they can place the tray for the whole night or wear it for 1 to 10 hours a day. A good result will be achieved after 5-10 sessions. Different systems can be chosen depending on the purpose.

Opalescence home whitening procedure

The Opalescence system is based on the interaction of the active components in the gel, which are activated without an ultraviolet lamp. The bleaching compound contains the following components:

  • Carbamide peroxide enriched with calcium fluoride and nitrate.
  • Activator, which triggers the chemical reaction of all components.

As a result of the components mixing with each other, oxygen atoms are released, which bleach enamel stains. One thing to note is that the deep structures of the teeth are not affected during the bleaching process and only darkened areas change their shade. 

Contraindications for teeth whitening

Professional home teeth whitening is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Untreated dental and gum diseases. Prior to the procedure, it is necessary to get rid of caries, tissue inflammations and pulpitis, otherwise it can cause serious harm to the health and will be accompanied by acute pain.
  • Being allergic to gel components.
  • During pregnancy and a breastfeeding period.
  • Presence of plaque and calculus. It is necessary to perform complete debridement.
  • Highly sensitive teeth.

Axioma Dental Clinic would like to invite you to a consultation, where you will find out how to use the effective Opalescence whitening system without putting your health at risk.

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