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Nobel implants

Nobel Biocare is the world’s leader in the area of innovative implant supported prosthetics with a 60-year history, which started with Per-Ingvar Branemark’s revolutionary work in the area of osseointegration in 1952. Today, Nobel implants are used by many advanced dental clinics; the company’s products are notable for their high quality and belong to the premium segment.

Nobel implants can resolve the most complicated clinical situations

The patented Nobel system has been clinically tested and conforms to ISO international standards. Since its development and during the time it has been used in practice, more than 200 studies have been conducted, proving the effectiveness of the system.

A Nobel tooth implant is root shaped. The structure can be placed securely even in a soft bone tissue and does not shift its position when in use.

It is used to restore:

  • A full dental arch.
  • Posterior teeth.
  • Anterior incisors.

The Nobel implant system allows inserting titanium artificial roots right after tooth extraction. They provide a solid foundation for removable or fixed prostheses. These implants show good integration after sinus lift procedures.


  • The Nobel Active model can be placed in one or two stages. It is suitable for type III and type IV bone tissues. The implant has a deep thread, so it can be screwed in directly during a tooth extraction procedure. Procera abutments ensure an aesthetic fit of the gum with the structure. It is possible to insert immediately after tooth extraction.
  • The Nobel Parallel model is used with bone tissue of any density. This model is applied in the aesthetic region (anterior teeth), posterior teeth and for the All-on-Four technique.

Strong biocompatible materials

The artificial roots are made of Grade 4 titanium in conformity with ISO and ASTM standards. The material is corrosion-resistant, has high strength and moderate plasticity. It is biologically neutral, does not cause allergic reactions and is not rejected by the organism. Nobel Biocare provides a life-long guarantee for its products. In case of failure, the product will be replaced with a new one free of charge.

Advantages of the innovative system

  • The surface layer of the artificial root is the TiUnite patented coating. It consists of phosphate-enriched highly-crystalline titanium oxide. The coating contains elements which are analogous to bone tissue. As a result, integration is fast and tissue density increases after the procedure.
  • Low traumatization due to the specific implant body and threading method.
  • A precise positioning of the artificial root. It simplifies the procedure, shortens the time of surgical intervention and minimizes possible negative consequences.
  • High-strength design. The implants do not deteriorate under intensive loads. If the crown breaks, it is replaced, whereas the artificial root remains in place.
  • All-purpose use. The systems are applied for single tooth implantation and for fixed edentulous restoration. The practically don’t have any contraindications.
  • The implant can be inserted into a limited interdental space, i.e. an extracted tooth socket. Its position is adjusted by the dental doctor during the procedure.

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Service prices

Specialist consultation 500р. Comprehensive consultation by several specialists and developing a complex treatment plan 1500р. Closed sinus lift 18 000р. Open sinus lift 62 000р. Guided bone regeneration (restoring the height and width of the alveolar ridge) (for a segment of up to 4 teeth) 65 000р. Bone grafting using autogenous bone block 56 000р. Osstem (Korea) implantation 31 000р. WhiteSky implantation (Bredent) 85 000р. Extraction of the broken screw from the impant 12 000р. Extraction of the implant 7500р. Straumann Roxolid SLActive implantation 54 000р. Straumann Roxolid implanation 46 000р. Nobel (Replace CC/Parallel CC) implantation 46 000р.
Medical expert:
Vitaly Vladimirovich Karyatov
Dental surgeon, implant surgeon

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Dmitry Nikolaevich Amiridi

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